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    A view over the Lake Distict, Cumbria, UK, from where many Hodgson families originated.

    Welcome to the Hodgson Clan website

    "One of the very best surname websites on the net"

    Tim Owen, 2010


    If you bear the Hodgson* surname or are related to a Hodgson*, then this website is for you.


         * As well as the Hodgson surname, this site will deal with information concerning Hodgson variant surnames, principally Hodson, Hodgeson, Hodgshon, Hodshon, Hodgin, Hodgins, Hodgen, Hodgens, Hodghson, Hodgon and Hodgeon.


       Look here for information about the Hodgson surname, Hodgson history and Hodgson families.

    In the UK, the Hodgson surname was the 176th most popular (693 per million) in 1881 and the 213rd most popular (213 per million) in recent years.  Hodson was the 823rd most common (163 per million) in 1881 and the 703rd most common (207 per million) in recent years.

    In the 1990 census of the United States of America, Hodgson was the 3314th most popular surname (37 per million). In Australia it was the 406th most popular (222 per million).

    (Source: British Surnames)


    Hodgson DNA Project

    Male Hodgson volunteers are needed to enhance the Hodgson DNA database and help discover more about our Hodgson origins.


    A DNA test may help you find Hodgson relatives, identify which group of Hodgsons you belong, or establish Viking or other ancestry.  For information on the Hodgson DNA Project click HERE.




    Impressions of War

    The memoirs of Herbert Hodgson (1893-1974), who was a First World War soldier and the printer of the rare and valuable 1926 subscribers' edition of Lawrence of Arabia's Seven Pillars of Wisdom.

    Published 2010 by Martlet Books

    Click HERE for details



     "Stonepenge" 2013 debut folk album

    with Anthony Hodgson (vocals and guitar), is now available


    This site is run and financed by Geoffrey M. Hodgson. Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer particular genealogical queries concerning family links, descendants or ancestors. But anyone may register as a Hodgson Clan Associate and apply to share Hodgson genealogical information with others on this website. To register contact

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    [This website was launched on 18 May 2006 and last updated on 6 October 2018.]