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    Sharing Information on Hodgson Families

    "Since adding my message to your website I have already heard from an American cousin (many times removed).  For someone who is new to genealogical research this is exciting stuff!"   Rosemary Browning (Australia)

    "I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for maintaining the Hodgson Clan website. Since posting my query on the Hodgson Clan website I’ve been contacted by two individuals that share my Hodgson ancestors. This is after years of trying unsuccessfully to make any contact. The first person to contact me was able to provide me with a picture of my grandmother – something I didn’t have at all – as well as a photo of my grandfather when he was younger."    Helen Gibson (Canada)


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    Hodgson Clan Associates

    Carmel Adamson                         

    Can anyone help me find where my ancestor Robert Hodgson was born?  He is listed in the 1841 census in Carlisle in England as a British Citizen born in Sidney. There seems to be no record of him before his marriage in 1833 to Jane Cape in Gretna Green. He was a stonemason.

    Thomas Ainger                            

    I have been researching my Hodgson family for some years and recently found a diary of John Hodgson, born 16 March 1779, died 14 August 1858. It states his sister lived in Heighington, near Darlington, County Durham, UK, and that his mother went out riding at Piercebridge on the Colonel’s farm. I suspect this to be Col. James O’Callaghan MP, who was a friend of Hodgson and godfather to his son James Stewart Hodgson, who became a partner of Barings and a governor of the Bank of England. I don’t know either his sister’s or mother’s names, though have may have been Sarah; his father was also John. John Hodgson joined a firm of International Traders and cotton manufacturers called James Finlay & Co. in Glasgow, and was described as a ’Newcastle lad’ in the company archives. I think that there may be a link with The Surtees family, mentioned at the end of the diary. There is speculation that his father may have been a sugar refiner, but I can find no solid evidence for this. If anyone knows the roots of this family I would be grateful. I have family trees on and and would be willing to share them.

    Diane Alberico (née Hodgson)       

    I am looking for missing links in my family tree. My father passed away in 1975 in New South Wales, Australia. He was born 1925 in Leeds, England. His father’s name is Charles Arthur Hodgson, from Leeds, who married Eva Adelaide Surtees from Lanchester. My Father had also been married prior to my mother, to Shirley Ann Brown, from Leichhardt, NSW Australia. 

    Norman Armstrong                       

    I am looking for present families of my line. Barnard Hodgson and Sarah Gedling had a son John who married Elizabeth Varty. Their children were Alfred William, John Edward, Edith, Frederick and my grandfather Joseph (born 1875, married Jane Winskill). My mother Florence 1901 was born at Nord Vue Lodge Armathwaite, Cumbria. I would also like to know any of the history of Nord Vue Farm which Elizabeth ran after John died.

    Pam Atherton                               

    My great-great-Grandmother was Alice Hodgson b 1805 Preston, Lancs. She married William Wrennall (Reynolds) in 1864. On their marriage cert, James Hodgson a brickmaker, is given as Alice's father. I have the death cert, of James Hodgson brickmaker b 1873 c. He died 27 Oct 1851 in Ribbleton Lane, Preston. I have been unable to trace him successfully in 1851 and 1841 censuses. I have details of James’s children from Preston graveyard.

    Mike Atkins                                   

    My grandfather Thomas Archibald Hodgson was born in Liverpool in 1919, and died in Rotorua, New Zealand in 1977 or 1978. He fought in the Second World War and moved to New Zealand shortly afterwards. He married Norah Olive Evelyn Eve (unsure of the spelling of her name) while in New Zealand, and had four children there, including my mother. Not much is known about his life in England. Can anybody help?

    Val Atkinson (née Hodgson)           

    My Hodgson's were in Bradford until Tom Hodgson b.1850, moved to Castleford as a glassblower.  He allegedly had a small factory in Knottingley, and travelled to China to teach them to 'blow glass'.  He was born in Horton, his father Squire Hodgson, a butcher, born in Allerton.

    Lee Balsom                                

    John Hodgson was born in1839 in Stanhope, County Durham, England. In Australia in 1864 he married Ann Forster, who was born in 1846 in Stockton-on-Tees in England. They moved to Ross in New Zealand and had a large family. We would like to know more, including when they left for Australia. Can anyone help please?

    Robert (Bob) Barrack                 

    My 8 x great-grandmother, Ellen(?) Hodgson, a daughter of a Dr Hodgson, married in about 1640 John Tripp (baptised 18 Sept 1611 in Barton upon Humber, Lincolnshire). John Tripp became Mayor of Hull in 1669. They lived through the English Civil War and the Restoration. I would like to know more about them. I have a full family tree of their daughter Mary's descendants which I am happy to share.

    Rick Barrowcliffe                      

    I am researching Ann Hodgson who married Thomas Barracluff at the church of St Mary & St Nicholas, in Beverley, Yorkshire, England, on 19 September 1786. Thomas was a soldier in the 1st Regiment of the Dragoon Guards at the time of their marriage. They had a son John born in 1792, baptised at St Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk.

    Paul Bartell                               
    My great-great-grandfather John Wilson Barthell married Luella Louise Hodgson. Her father was Robert Hodgson born in 1828 in Yorkshire, England. I would be very grateful for any information on him.

    Maryanne Bayliss                      

    I am searching for missing links in my Hodgson tree. Richard Reed Hodgson was born in 1748 in Durham. He married Elizabeth Middleton in Chester-le-Street. He later married Ann Stafford. I am seeking information on Richard’s Parents. I understand his Father was probably Thomas Hodgson. My grandfather Robert Hodgson was born August 1828 in County Durham, England. He emigrated to the Ballarat Gold Fields in Victoria, Australia and settled in Otago, New Zealand in the Gold Rush around 1861-64. He died in Cardrona, N.Z. on 16 Dec 1893, leaving a widow with 11 children, one being my Mother Alice, a twin, then aged 2 months old. Robert’s Parents were William Hodgson born 1792 in Morpeth and Ann Embleton born 17 March 1790. Robert had seven siblings: Mary, Richard, Maryann, Edward, Benjamin, Sarah and Elizabeth. I would be most grateful to hear from any descendants and I would appreciate any leads. Thank you.

    Cheryl Bedggood                    

    I am trying to research my great-great grandfather’s family. His name was Joseph Hodgson and he was from Lancashire in England. I think that Joseph’s father was William Hodgson, who was married to a Margaret. William owned sailing barques and two of his sons captained family barques. Joseph had qualified as a vet in England and was allowed to make a trip to Australia with one of his brothers. While in Australia the ship Duke of Roxburgh came in to port and he was permitted to make the trip to New Zealand to visit a Reverend Williams in the Bay of Islands. He was supposed to be back in Australia in time for the return trip to England, but he met my great-great grandmother Mary Prouse and so he stayed. They were married at Waimate North, New Zealand on 5 November 1840.  They then moved to Auckland where he owned the first butcher’s shop in Queen St, Auckland. They shifted over to Waiheke Island and in 1868 he purchased 125 acres at Rocky Bay which was known as Omiha. I would be grateful if I can find information about his parents, brothers and sisters.

    Sadie Bezanger (née Hodgson)  

    Fiona Bond (née Hodgson)          

    I can trace my Hodgsons back to Jonathan Hodgson 1755. I believe he was born in Rockcliffe in Cumbria in 1755. He married Rachel Furnace who was born in 1760; she was also from Cumbria. They had a son Thomas Hodgson, born in 1799 who married Eleanor Wright.   I am now stuck and would find any information a bonus.

    Joan Borrowscale                    

    I have a Jane Hodgson baptised at Harrington Parish 12 July 1702 - a daughter of Jo(sic) Hodgson and Jane. Jane Hodgson married John Borrinscail at Lorton Parish Cumberland May 1727. I’m looking for the marriage of Jo Hodgson and Jane. The Baptism record was found on

    Gail Bottomley (née Hodgson)    

    My main area of interest are Hodgson's from Bolton Le Sands, Lancashire & Warton near Lancaster in Lancashire & Victoria Australia.

    See Hodgson1750Bottomley.pdf

    Andy Bowell                             

    I am related to Charles Hodgson (born 1789, Eynsham, Oxfordshire, UK). He was married to Mary Taylor and they had 4 children (William, Elizabeth, John, and Ann - born in Adderbury, Oxfordshire). I am aware that Charles father was also named Charles, but I have no information on him, other than his wife (Ann Simpson). I am looking to go back farther in the lineage.

    Peter Bowman                          

    See Hodgson1867Bowman.pdf

    Rachel Bradley                         

    I am researching my family history and have drawn a blank with the Hodgsons. I believe my great-great-great-great grandfather was Featherstone Hodgson. I have the birth certificate for his son, born 30 September 1838 in the parish of St. Giles, New Durham, also registered as Featherstone Hodgson. He was brought up by his maternal grandparents, Christopher and Mary Bainbridge; he is with them on the early census returns and grew up as a Bainbridge. His mother, Jane Bainbridge, is not visible on census returns as far as I can see but would only have been 18 when her son was born.  I have found a possible marriage of a Featherstone Hodgson in the district of Weardale in December 1838 but cannot confirm whether this was him. Neither can I identify him with certainty on census returns. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has knows any more about Featherstone Hodgson.

    Jan Bridges                               

    Phillis Hodgson married Thomas Bridges on 13 May 1794 in Houghton Conquest, Bedfordshire, England. She and Thomas had 13 children (I think), most of whom have been verified either through the IGI or through descendents of one of their children. I would really love to find out more about this lady as she is very elusive and seeing she gave the Bridges family so many ancestors, feel as if I need to give her some credit in our family tree. 

    Mark Brooks           

    I am seeking information about the Rev Chester Hodgson who made an exchange visit to Stoke Road, Methodist Church, Gosport, Hampshire, England in 1975. Many of the older members of the local circuit remember him with fond memories but nothing is known of his family background. Any information would create great interest at any future church anniversary or church open day.

    Nola Brow                                      

    Matthew Hodgson, an apothecary, at Hawkshead in Cumbria in England was my great-great-great-great-grandfather. He married Fanny Irton and they had a son Edmund Irton Hodgson who arrived in Australia 1822 where he married Sarah Birch (née Guest) at Hobart Town, VDL, on  29 November 1823. Sarah was a daughter of convict parents George Guest who arrived in Australia on the First Fleet 1887 and Mary Bateman who travelled on the Lady Julianna in 1788.

    Jan Brown                                

    I am researching the line of Stephen Hodgson.  His son was Daniel (born about 1818) who married Ann Richardson in 1840 in Whitehaven, Cumberland, England.  The censuses show they had 8 children and were also caring for a granddaughter, Sarah A. Hodgson. The children were Elizabeth (1847), William (1849), Mary Ann (1852), Elenor (1855), Jane (1858), Thomas (1860), John (1862) and Martha (1868).  They were mostly born in Harrington, Cumberland, England with a few born in Whitehaven. My line comes in with Mary Ann Hodgson who married John Joyce in Whitehaven, England.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Janet Brown (née Hodgson)      

    I'm looking for information on my family line which consists of (going back in time) James Edwin Hodgson (my father), his father: Dwight H. Hodgson born 1889, his father: John Hodgson (born 1863, married Nina Shakespear), and his father:John Hodgson (born 1824 in I believe Yorkshire England). These Hodgsons lived mostly in the area of Hartford, Watervliet, and Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. Also any info on who John Sr. married and when he came to the US, etc. would be great. Thanks.

    Lisa Brown                               

    I am searching for anyone with links to these Hodgsons. My husband’sgrandfather was Richard Hodgson, born about 1830 in Ingleton, Yorkshire, son of John Hodgson, yeoman. Richard was a schoolmaster of All Saints, Bath, Somerset. He married Emily Hendin on 28 Jan 1863  in the parish church of Kington St Michael in Chippenham in Wiltshire. They arrived at Brisbane Port Queensland, Australia on 18 May 1863 on the ship Light Brigade. In the 1903 Queensland census Richard is listed as a schoolmaster in Maranoa, Australia. Richard died on 2 April 1916 and is buried in Towoomba Cemetery Queensland with his wife Emily and their children.

    Vivian Brown (née Hodgson)     

    Alan Gordon Browning            

    After researching my family for years, I cannot find anything about my great-grandmother, Fanny Hodgson.  She and my great-grandfather Albert William Browning were married in the Church of the Holy Trinity, Toronto, Ontario on 17 April 1884. Her maid of honour was Elizabeth Hodgson.  Fanny gave birth to two children: a son Harry (1884) and a daughter Olive (1892) but then unfortunately died in childbirth.  My Browning family lived in two locations: Frome, Somerset, England and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Fanny had an album with family photos in perfect condition, from Belleville, Ontario; Brooklin, NY; Chicago, Ill; Des Moines, Iowa; Rochester, NY; and Winnipeg, Manitoba. If any of this strikes a cord with someone out there I would appreciate hearing from them.

    Rosemary Browning                

    My great-great-grandfather, John Hodgson, was born at Studley, Wadworth, Yorkshire in 1799. He and his wife, Annie Buckley Hodgson, and 6 children arrived in Sydney, Australia in 1837. Later that year they settled in Port Phillip (now Melbourne), where John Hodgson was to become Mayor and a member of the Legislative Council of the Parliament of Victoria. His parents were William & Mary Hodgson.

    Dave Buckle                             

    I am just starting out on a voyage of discovery into my past. My Hodgsons latterly came from Morley in West Yorkshire: Maureen and Colin Herbert going back one generation, Alice and Joseph another. Who knows where I am going, or indeed what I shall find, but I am sure I will need some help along the way.

    Sue Butterick-Kent                  

    Aged 18 William Hodgson joined the Methodist Church. He was a blacksmith for about 60 years, He married Rose Northgraves and they had children Samuel Ellis, Charlotte, Annie, Hannah, and Robert William. Samuel Ellis Hodgson was born at Sproatley, Yorkshire in March 1845 and died at Newton, Kansas, USA on 25 Nov 1921, aged 76 years, On 10 July 1868, in the Registry Office in Driffield, Yorkshire, he  married Mary (May) Butterick(who was born on 29 March 1844 and died 24 on March 1914 in Kansas, USA). Samuel and Mary sailed to USA in 1880 and settled in HarveyCounty inKansas. They had children Maggie Hodgson (died 1898 aged 28 years, buried at Newton, Kansas), Thomas (a fireman, died 12 March 1902, buried at Newton, Kansas), William, David, Alfred, plus a son and a daughter who died in infancy. Is anyone else related to this Hodgson family and able to tell me anything about them, especially after they settled in the USA? Mary was my great-grandfather’s sister but we have lost contact with the family and would appreciate help in finding them.

    Janice Burkhardt                     

    Willownet Cable                      

    I am looking for information on Joseph Hodgson & Martha Helen (Walker) Hodgson, from the Sherwood Forest area in England. They came to US in 1888, settling in Cambria Co., PA.. Their children were: Herman, Mary Ann, Emily (died young), a son who went to Western US, a son returned to England, and my grandfather Joseph, born about 1875 in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire.

    Valerie Callender                    

    My father is Thomas Elwyn Stroud Hodgson. He was born on November 6th 1930 in Bristol. His father was Thomas Hodgson born on 2 Oct 1906 in Sunderland and died on 15 Nov 1993. He worked at the post office. My great-grandfather was John Thomas Hodgson born in Sunderland in 1878 and died (in Bristol?) on 3 Feb 1947. I am seeking any information on my great grandfather, who my great great grandfather was and any other information on the family. I have had no luck with any websites thus far.

    Letha Hodson Calvin               

    I am Letha Hodson Calvin, born 1970 Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA, daughter of Bonnie Maxine Higgins (1936-2011) and Vernon Lee Hodson (1921-1999). Vernon was born in Bristow, Oklahoma, and was the son of Pearl Turnbow and Otis Okla Hodson (born 15 July 1895) who lived in Bristow, Oklahoma. Otis was a World War I veteran, who had shrapnel wounds and suffered exposure to mustard gas. He died aged 59 and he was 1/4 Cherokee Indian. He was the son of Florence Elmina Hadley (13 Aug 1866 – 1 July 1897) and John Melton Hodson (6 May 1861 – 21 Dec 1913). His birthplace was Hendricks County, Indiana, and his place of death was Galena, Cherokee County, Kansas, USA. John was the son of Sarah Jane Oliver (1831) and David Hodson, born (1829?). I have an old Hodson family Bible with many handwritten records that I can send to any possible relatives.

    Paul Anthony Albert Campbell   

    Campbell is my adopted name. I was originally born Hodgson in 1969. I would like to find information regarding my father and his family. The only thing I know is that his name is Matthew Hodgson (middle name possibly Daniel ) possibly from Saltaire, Bradford, Yorkshire, England, born late 1940s or early 1950s. Many thanks.

    Susan Carr                               

    I am researching my paternal family tree.  My grandfather was Joseph Procter Hodson born in 1865 at Swinethorpe Lincolnshire. He was the son of George Hodson and Sarah Ann Read. Joseph was one of eight children - George, Sarah Ann, William, Thomas James, Henry, John, Robert Read, all born between 1852 and 1867 at North Clifton, Nottinghamshire and Swinethorpe, Lincolnshire.  I am trying to find three of the brothers who emigrated to Canada, probably after 1911. Can anybody help please?

    June Carthew                          

    My interest is in the family of Richard Hodgson (father John Hodgson) born c1820 in Preston, Lancashire. He married Mary Cardwell in 1841 in Penwortham. Their known children were William Sandyman born 1841, John Joseph born 1845, James born 1847, Sarah Alice born 1848, Richard born 1850, Mary Ann Selina born 1855 and Charles born 1857. William Sandyman Hodgson married Margaret Wearden in 1860 in Preston and emigrated to Australia in 1863. Enquiries or information about this family would be very welcome.

    Chiara Cerri                               

    I'm looking for a Hodgson family who lived near Windsor and then moved to Portland Road in Notting Hill, London, twenty years ago. Their neighbours have told me that they went to Italy about twelve years ago. Mr Jan Hodgson was an Army Major, his wife is Italian (I don't remember the name); they have two children, Rona (she moved to Australia) and Charles.

    Geoffrey Clark                           

    My great-grandfather, James Hodgson (1854-1929), was an importer and woolen merchant in Auckland, New Zealand. James came from a family of woolen merchants and manufacturers from Leeds, Yorkshire, England, and he had two brothers who remained in England.  James Hodgson first came to Auckland, New Zealand in 1879 on the S.S. Ionic from London. A few years later returned to Leeds, England, and in 1883 in Holbeck married Elizabeth Ann Walker who was from York. He returned to Auckland, NZ, with Elizabeth Ann in 1885. I am seeking information on his brothers and parents and their business in Leeds. 

    Doris Clements                        
    David Hodgson was born in 1793 and his wife Ann in 1797, we think in Beverley, Yorkshire, England. They are my great-great-grandparents.
    The 1841 census shows their four children: George 11, William 10, Elizabeth 7 and Susan 4. In the passenger and immigration lists index, David is listed as coming to Ontario Canada in 1871. They settled in Enniskillen Township, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada. Elizabeth Kells, David and Ann's daughter married William Kells.  We would appreciate any information anyone has on this family.

    Thomas Hodgson Coetzee        

    My mother – Maria Magdalena Sarah was born on 1 Feb 1911 to Mary Hodgson wife of John Hodgson – originally from somewhere in Scotland (possibly Edinburgh). She was one of approximately 10 children – one of them being her brother Thomas Hodgson after whom I was named. I have been seeking more info on John Hodgson who, as I was told, was the station master at Kenilworth (Cape Town, South Africa) and due to an accident (dates not known) suffered brain damage and for his own safety was ensconced at the Alexander Institute where he lived for the remainder of his life. The family was rather ashamed of this – thus very little information was forthcoming about him. I am writing my own memoirs for my grandchildren in Australia who don’t even know me very well – hence my desire to learn all I can about the ancestors of my Hodgson family.

    David Conway                            

    I am looking for any information on Mark Hodgson who joined the Australian army in 1915. He was born in Bolton in Lancashire in England and was married to Charlotte Elisabeth. They had at least three children: Frank, Carrie and Edith.

    Alice Ruth Hodgson Cook        

    See Hodgson1540Cook.pdf

    Celia Cooper (née Hodgson)     

    I am searching for Hodgsons from Skipton, Yorkshire, UK. My grandfather Anthony Hodgson died when my father was sixteen. He was a Print Setter on a newspaper in the 1930s. My grandfather's family farmed around Skipton. He married Ada Winterburn -  a popular concert pianist born the 'wrong side of the blanket' . They relocated to London and family contacts were lost. My father, Arthur Hodgson, was one of four children. His sister, Susan died aged 2 in the Spanish ‘flu epidemic. I should be delighted to hear from Skipton Hodgsons.

    Beverly Montague Cowden     

    Martin Crowe                           

    I am trying to trace my family links to Hodgsons in the Whitby area in Yorkshire. My Hodgson male ancestors are: Joseph Hodgson b 1790, Joseph (John) Hodgson b 1806, James Amos Hodgson b 1859, Mirian Hodgson (my grandmother) b 1887 Whitby.

    Ernie Davis                              

    I believe I am descended from John Hodshon, born 1570 County Durham. His son was William Hodshon, born 1598 County Durham. His son was Anthony Hodshon, born 1633 County Durham. His son was John Hodshon, born 1670 County Durham. His son was Ralph Hodshon, born 1702 County Durham. His son was George Hodgson, born 1741 County Durham. His son was William Hodgson, born 1791 in North Shields, Northumberland. He married a Margaret, and their daughter was Margaret Hodgson, born 1827 in North Shields, Northumberland. She married Edmund Tiplady, born 1829 Yorkshire. Their Daughter Jane Tiplady (born 1850 Durham) married Samuel Wile (born 1848 Durham). Their son was Samuel Wile, born 1887 Australia. Their daughter – and my mother – Jean Wile was born in 1919 in Australia. Any further information would be most welcome.

    Julie Eldon 

    I am searching for information about my great grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Hodgson. She was born around 1886/1887 – I am not sure where. My dad believes she was from the Newcastle upon Tyne area. But there may be a Carlisle connection as she went on to marry Giovanni Rossi in Whitehaven in 1916 and her marriage certificate reveals her father as William Hodgson a stonemason. She died in Whitehaven, Cumbria in 1958. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Lloyd Erickson                         

    My grandfather was Alfred William Hodgson.  He was born at Hunsonby and Winskill in Cumberland in 1878.  His father's name was John and his mother was Elizabeth Varty.  He had one sister, Edith, and brothers Joseph, John E, and Frederick.  I would like to find descendants of this family.

    Elizabeth England (née Hodgson)

    I am the grand-daughter of Leonard Hodgson, an eminent theologian and philosopher. If anyone believes they are directly related to this line and want me to check the family Bible (updated since the seventeenth century) then please drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

    Angela Fal (née Hodgson)        
    My great-grandparents were: Matthew Hodgson of 129 Ark St, Consett, County Durham, UK (a coal miner/driver) and Elizabeth Hodgson (née Carroll) of 6 Ark St, Consett, County Durham. My grandfather: was Matthew Hodgson - born 5 November 1917. He went to work as a projectionist at the Odeon Cinema in Clapham, this is where he met my grandmother Winifred and eventually they were married, they had a son Gerald Hodgson (my dad - born in 1939). My grandfather was called up for duty in around 1939-40. Sadly like so many of the brave men that went to war he was killed. He died in Damascus, Syria in July 1941 at the age of 23. Matthew Hodgson was in the Leicester Regiment - 2nd Battalion, his military number is 6023698, and he has the following war medals: Defence Star, Defence Medal, Africa Star, Middle East Star. This is the only information I have, I would dearly like to trace some of his relatives, maybe even find a photograph, as my dad has no idea what his father looked like. I would be grateful for any help.

    Adele Fasa                             

    Before my marriage I was Adele Hodgson, My father was Allan Hodgson and we are descendents of Thomas Hodgson (born abt 1801) and Mary Pounder (born 1798) who were born in a hamlet called Hurst near Richmond in Yorkshire, UK.  They had 10 children that I know of: Mary Hodgson 1821, Isabella Hodgson 1824, Thomas Hodgson 1826, Ruth Hodgson 1828, Helen/Ellenor  1831, Mary Ann Hodgson 1833, Nanny Hodgson 1835, James Hodgson 1837, William Hodgson 1840, and Edward Hodgson 1842.

    I would greatly like to further my research also as I seem to have hit a brick wall.  I have been collecting many images and background information which I have saved as a private tree on Ancestry. I am very proud to be a Hodgson especially after learning about their lives, family has always been the most important thing to me. 

    Yvonne Francis                       

    My grandfather was Charles Leonard Hodgson. Along with his brothers Arthur and Jason, and his sister Ellen, he was born in London. Charles’s father was Albert Hodgson, who moved from Lincolnshire to London. His father was Jason Hodgson, his father John Hodgson, his father another John Hodgson, and his father James Hodgson born 1750. Does anyone know of these names?

    Lisa Gibson                             
    I am a descendant of Edith (Gammon) Hodgson (1884-1955) who in 1907 married an Aaron Hazen Hodgson (1889-1951) (son of Hiram Hodgson and Elizabeth Reynolds).  I have tracked their first child Estella Elizabeth Hodgson (married a Hale) who lived 1908-1995. They were all from Nova Scotia in Canada. There seems to be confusion if there were any other children and I am trying to track them down if they exist.

    Alan Glass                               

    Research interests: Hodgson families of Paris, Bordeaux and Rouen. Hodgson employees of Crewe Railway Works. Catholic Hodgsons in Belfast. Artist and illustrator, E.S. Hodgson. Canal boat painter, Bill Hodgson. 18th century Hodgson hatters.

    Mark Godridge                         

    I am looking for Harry Hodgson, probably of Yorkshire in England. I have two documents, listing him as a commercial agent, and later as a professional photographer. I think he was born in about 1875-1885, I know that he was deceased by 1935. Did he ever marry or have any children? Many thanks.

    Sharon Goodwin                      

    I am trying to confirm a family story that my Hodgson ancestors originated on the Isle of Man. I have traced back to Francis Hodgson born c.1755 and his marriage in 1776 to Rebecca Askew in Maldon, Essex. The parish registers back to 1695 show that Francis was the only Hodgson in Maldon - no siblings or parents - and Rebecca Askew's family is the only Askew family there. There are other family names in Maldon that are said to originate in the Isle of Man – Quilter, Scarf, Cottier, Cowell.  I have briefly searched the IGI and found Hodgsons scattered around the Isle of Man but not Francis. My ggg-grandfather and three of his children emigrated to Australia in 1857 and 1869. I am willing to share my research on my Hodgson line.

    Peter Green                               

    I am trying to trace the family of William Hodgson born circa 1836 who I believe came from Sewerby in Yorkshire and whose wife was Elizabeth according to the 1891 census. My grandma was married to his son Alfred George Hodgson born around 1871. Thanks in advance for any help offered.

    Katharine Anne Griffiths (née Hodgson)

    I have records dating back to a Robert Hodgson, baptised before 1570.  His son was Richard Hodgson, born 1616.  His son was Thomas Hodgson, born 1640, died 1669. He married Issabel Windor of Fieldhead. They had 3 children, 2 of whom died in infancy. The line can be followed down through their son, John, who married Alice Jackson. If anyone is from this line, I would love to hear from them.

    Karen Haddock                          

    Mike Hall                                   

    Hodgson was my grandmother's maiden name. Her family was Roman Catholic and she was raised in the Ribbleton area of Preston, Lancashire.  She was the youngest girl of thirteen children, some of whom died in infancy. Her parents were John Hodgson (born 10 Oct 1855) and Margaret.  All her siblings were christened at English Martyrs Church on Garstang Road, adjacent to where they then lived, in Ellen Street and the general area of Aqueduct Street in Preston.  John had a sister Catherine (born 22 Sep 1852).  John's father was Thomas (born 1833). I would be grateful to anyone who can expand on this information.

    Jill Hamilton                             

    My great grandfather Robert Hodgson was baptised in Richmond in Yorkshire in 1802 (with a twin brother John), where his father William was listed as a paper maker. From further research it appears William was the owner of the paper mill. There are several William Hodgsons listed and I have been unable to positively identify his marriage or baptism, which is extremely disappointing. Any help would be welcome.

    Glen Hammond                         

    Ann Hodgson was my great-great-great grandmother. She was from the Melsonby-Aldbrough area of North Yorkshire. She married Charles Heslop on 13 May 1824 at Croft, Yorkshire. They had my great-great grandfather Anthony Heslop in 1829 at Aldbrough, and he was Christened on 7 June 1829 in Melsonby. One of the witnesses at the wedding of Charles Heslop and Ann Hodgson was a man named John Hodgson. I would welcome more information.

    Keith Hancock                         

    I am trying to obtain information about Henry Hodson, who was a horse dealer. He had a son George Marriott Hodson born about 1832 in Cleckheaton, Yorkshire. George married Ellen Gertrude Healy 22 Aug 1854 in Nottingham. I think there were three other children all born in Cleckheaton: Mercy born about 1835, Benjamin born about 1836 and Sarah born about 1837. From census records it appears that the children were living with their grandparents in 1841 and 1851, but not subsequently.

    Angela Harmer (née Hodgson)  

    I am trying to trace relatives of my great grandfather Jonathan Hodgson (his name in the 1881 Census is put as Hutson). He married Mary Ann Bullingham in 1862 in Downham Market, Norfolk, Engalnd. They had 7 children: Mary Ann, William, Esther, Hannah, Agnes, Jonathan (my Grandfather) and Ethel. They were all born in Whiggenhal St Mary Magdalen, in Norfolk. My grandfather Jonathan married Kate Ely in 1904 in Downham Market and they had children Ena, Derek and Nora. Derek was my Father.

    Margaret Hatcher

    I am researching Hodgsons from the Raskelf/Alne/Easingwold area of North Yorkshire in England. I have traced a possible line back to the marriage of William Hodg(e)son and Marie Tomlinson on 26 Nov 1628 in Raskelf. Neither parish records nor Bishops Transcripts for the earlier 1600s have survived. A will of an earlier Thomas Hodgson [Easingwold – wife Janet] was proved 15 April 1619.

    Elma Hepburn (née Hodgson)   

    My father Thomas Hodgson was born in Scotland and come to South Africa about 1970. My grandparents then later come out as well. I would really like to know more about my origins.

    Judith Hodgson Higgins          
    I am a direct descendant of George Hodgson (born 1700/1701), father of John Hodgson (b.1731), father of Hur Hodgson (b. 1767) ... Joel Hodgson (Hodson, b. 1819), Ira Hodgson (Hodson, b. 1847), Joseph William Hodgson (Hodson, b. 1880), Marley Hodgson (b.1909). I am most interested in getting the birth information of J.W. Hodgson in Tennessee, and the father and immigrant boat information on George and his family or fellow travellers.

    Hodgson Clan Associates may wish to know about Hodgsons who were taken prisoner during the Jacobite Rebellions. mentions Philip Hodgson (#18) and Albert Hodgson (#48) and mentions George Hodgson. 

    Hank Hodgin                          

    I am a descendent of George Hodgson who was born in 1700 or 1701 and who was married to Mary Dix Thatcher.  I would really like to know who George's parents were and where he was born.

    See Hodgson1700Hodgin.pdf  

    Alan Hodgson                         

    I live in Cumbria and have been researching the family for a year or two and find that my tree is mainly centred around West Cumberland.

    Alan Hodgson                         

    My father was Harland Hodgson, later from Darfield near Barnsley in South Yorkshire. Many of his family were noted local publicans.

    I have lived in this area all my life and I have many unidentified pictures and documents. I will dig them out if anyone is interested.

    Albert Hodgson                      

    Harry Hodgson, my grandfather (born 29 May 1860, died 21 Feb 1937) married Alice Elizabeth (originates Norfolk) on 4 September 1889. He enlisted in The King's Regiment and appears on the 1881 Census in Orford Barracks, Warrington, Lancs.  I then find no appearances until the 1911 Census. I know from the places of birth of his five sons that they must have lived in army married quarters: Albert 1890 India, Edwin 1892 Blundell Norfolk, Archie 1894, Claude 1895 Warrington. Harry retired as RSM in the King's Regiment about 1905 after about 25 years service and took up residence in Warrington.

    Allan George Hodgson           
    My middle name George is a family name passed onto the eldest son. My father similarly was George Thomas Hodgson and my granddad Leonard George Hodgson. Some or a lot of our family emigrated to America from Yorkshire and some relatives were called Osmond.

    Andrew James Hodgson         

    My father is Robert James Hodgson (born 1956) from Orange, CA, USA. I was born in 1982 in Fountain Valley, CA, USA. My son Henry James Hodgson was born in 2011. I have three younger brothers Mike, Scott, and Kevin.

    Ann Hodgson                                

    I am looking for any information on my family. I was born in April 1965 in Pretoria, South Africa and was immediately adopted out. My adopted parents kept my Hodgson name and I know from my original birth certificate that my mother's name is Una Claire Hodgson. She was born in Durban in 1940 or 1941. I have lived in the UK for the past 23 years but would love to find any connection or information about my birth family.

    Anthony Hodgson                     

    I am of the Hodgson line that have farmed in Eskdale (Grosmont Priory) and on the North Yorkshire Moors (Biggin Houses, Mirkside), around Whitby, for the 500 years or more. Some, John and Jane, were known as 'notorious recusants', being part of a safe house network for priests arriving from the continent. I am very interested in finding out whether there is a connection with the Hodgsons of Hebburn Hall, as claimed by the renegade priest, Thomas Clarke in 1593 (Aveling). I'd also love to find out what happened to my g-g-g-granddad's brother, Francis, who apparently emigrated to Australia. Thomas was born in 1801; Francis was his little brother. Many thanks.      

    Bev Hodgson                           

    My great grandfather was John Hodgson, born circa 1774. But I have not been able to trace his baptism. In the baptism record of some of his children he is stated to be a “native of Holwick” in North Yorkshire. In the 1840 census when living in Romaldkirk, North Yorkshire, he indicated he was born in the same county.  He died before the 1851 census. He married Mary Collinson at nearby Middleton-in-Teesdale, County Durham, on 12 June 1800. Their descendants are fairly well documented, but I would like to trace John’s forebears if I can.

    Bob Hodgson (Madbury NH. USA)

    My grandfather was James F. Hodgson who was born and lived in Leigh Lancashire until he immigrated to the USA in 1905. His father and grandfather were both named William Hodgson and they had a shop on Market Street in Leigh Lancashire from 1841 thru 1900. My line goes Robert, James, James, William, William, John. John was a "stone mason" in Great Driffield, Yorkshire. He is as far back as I have been able to trace my HODGSON ancestry. I would be thrilled to hear from anyone who knows anything of my English Hodgson ancestors.

    Brandalynn Hodgson               

    I was born in 1982. My family is from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. I have three younger siblings. My father is Ricky C Hodgson. His father is Maurice G. Hodgson Jr, who was son of Maurice G. Hodgson Sr.  My mother was working on our family history, but Hurricane Katrina destroyed a lot of vital information. Sadly my grandfather and most of my Hodgson relatives have passed on. The only thing I have to work with now is a book my great grandmother filled out when I was born but it doesn't say much about our Hodgson Family. If you or anyone can help me with this in anyway please let me know.

    Brittany Hodgson                     

    My great-great-grandfather, Samuel Hodgson, came from Sandon, Staffordshire, England. He was born 30 Oct 1869. He came to settle in Cannington Manor, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1890. He married Isabella Hindmarch (?) whose family came from Newcastle-on-Tyne, England. They had four daughters and one son; Mary Isabella, Florence Margery, Elsie Lousia, Doris Ann, and Samuel Joseph. Samuel Joesph was my grandfather who married Violet.
    If you know anything please contact me.

    Carol Loree Hodgson             

    I am daughter of Lee Marion Hodgson, son of Stephen Noah Hodgson, son of Levi Hodgson, son of Jonathan Hodgson, Sr. born June 1805 in Clinton Co., Union Tsp. Ohio and our immigrant to Linn County Kansas.  His father was Daniel Hodgson, born June 12, 1784 in Guliford Co., N.C.; his father was Thomas Hodgson, born Feb. 21, 1756; his father was John Hodgson, born Aug 4, 1731; and his father was George Hodgson, born Jan 6, 1701 in Doncaster, York Co., England.  His father was Robert Hodgson, born 1659, Yorkshire, England.

    Cathy Hodgson                       

    I am looking for any information about William Hodgson born in 1780 married to Sarah Nicholson and their son William Hodgson born in 1807 (christened 24 April 1807) in Dufton, Cumbria, England.  William Hodgson settled in Ashe County North Carolina, USA before 1846.  He married Sarah Perkins of Ashe County, North Carolina, USA in 1846.  He died in 1899.  Thank you.

    Cecil Mark Hodgson                 or

    I was born in 1944 in what is now Zimbabwe. My father was Clifton William Wynne Hodgson; he was born in 1917 in Aldorado Mine and died on 9 August 1985 in Salisbury (now Harare) in Zimbabwe. My grandfather was Joseph William Hodgson; he was born on 25 September 1888 in Waltham Abbey in Essex in England, and after moving to Africa he became an engineer on mines in Kimberley and Rhodesia. I would like to trace my Hodgson family tree.

    Charles Edward Hodgson       

    Born Horsforth, WestYorkshire 1964 to Gordon of Leeds 1933 and Jean Hodgson. Grandfather on father’s side Henry Hodgson of Leeds 1896. Brother Andrew born 1961 Horsforth and sister Josephine born 1971.  Married Anne Hodgson (née Hodgson also) of Bradford 1959. Daughter Rhiann born Hannover 1989, Kieron born Hannover 1988 and Jason born Detmold 1984.

    Christopher Hodgson             

    I have traced my direct Hodgson line to Robert Hodgson (b1805 in South Shields, Co Durham). His parents were Christopher Hodgson (b. 1772) in Haughton-Le-Skerne and Hannah Mitcheson (b. 1771) in Norton, Co. Durham. Christopher's father was also Christopher and that's where the trail runs cold! Any info on the Hodgsons in Haughton-Le-Skerne greatly appreciated.

    Clague Hodgson                     

    We recently traced our Hodgson ancestors to a John Thomas Hodgson (son of Thomas Hodgson and Anne) and Mary Blackett, married at St. Michaels, Appleby, Cumberland, England, in December 1797. My great-great grandfather, Thomas, was the second of their ten children, b. 1800. Any leads backwards of forwards (from the other nine siblings) in the line would be most appreciated. We will be happy to share our research..

    Claire Hodgson                        

    From Stockport (Greater Manchester, UK), I have Hodgson family in Bolton, and other parts of Lancashire. My father is John Edward Hodgson, who is brother to William Alan Hodgson, Eric, and Peter (the latter 3 are deceased). Their father is William Edward Hodgson.

    Clive Ian Hodgson                   

    My main line of research is the Hodgson's of Winston and Forcett in Yorkshire, dating back, so far, to circa. 1620.

    Colin Hodgson                         

    See Hodgson1812Hodgson.pdf

    Corrina Hodgson                          

    My father is Earl Edgar Hodgson, born 13 July 1937 and still alive. My grandfather is Earl Layton Hodgson, born 18 July 1911, died 15 Aug 2001. My great grandfather is Charles Robinson Hodgson (26 July 1857 –1925). His father was John Jehu Hodgson (24 June 1828 - 30 Oct 1864). His father was Jonathan Hodgson ( 6 Feb 1800 – 4 Jan) 1842. His father was Hur Hodgson (16 May 1767 – 5 Feb 1851). His father was John Hodgson (4 Aug 1731 – 1775). And his father was George Hodgson (6 Jan 1701 – 1774).

    Daphne A. Hodgson                   

    I am just beginning what I find to be a convoluted search. My father Richard Hodgson was born in 1922 in the Blackburn/Manchester area in England. He had two brothers, Frederick (older) and John (younger). His parents were Frederick Hodgson, one of supposedly 23 born in the Lake District and Ann (née Cullimore) Hodgson from County Cork, Ireland. I've been lead to believe my grandfather was in royal military service, possibly the army. The family immigrated to the USA in 1924 and settled in New York. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Dan Hodgson                          

    My name is Dan Hodgson born in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA in 1965. My father is George Hodgson, son of Stanley Hodgson of Waltham, Mass.. I would like to learn more about my Hodgson ancestry.

    Daniel William Hodgson         

    I was born on 11 Aug 1996 in Warrington, Cheshire, England. My dad was Michael Hodgson (he died when I was about two). My granddad is Norman Hodgson and my grandma was Margaret Hodgson. I am searching for any more relatives because I only have my granddad, my auntie (Patrisha Molyneux (née Hodgson)) and her two children Simon and Rachael Molyneux left. If anyone knows these people, then please email me.

    Danny Hodgson                       

    My grandfather George Hodgson was born on 11 July 1896 in Bowness-on-Windermere, Cumbria, England. He married Annie Rishton in the Leyland Methodist Church in Leyland , Lancashire,  England  on 31 July 1920. His father George Hodgson was born on 10 July 1852. My grandfather and grandmother immigrated to the USA and settled in Athol, Massachusetts, where they raised two sons. I am the second of four sons of the younger of the two. See my family tree on

    David Hodgson                         

    David Hodgson                        

    I am the son of Darryl Hodgson (born 1950), his sister is Una Claire Hodgson (born 1940) both born in Natal, South Africa. Their parents are Robert "Chum" William Hodgson (born 30 July 1908/6) and Marian Hodgson (nee White b.1910). Robert had no brothers, his sisters are Eileen (married McGrath) and Elizabeth "Peggy" (married Simms). Their father William Hodgson owned a stage coach horse transport business (W Hodgson Transport)in Mooi River in Natal. That is about all I know of my Hodgson line, I do not know when or who first came to South Africa. It also seems Una Claire Hodgson had a daughter Ann Hodgson in April 1965 in Pretoria and immediately gave her up for adoption. She posted on this site.

    David Hodgson                       

    I am interested in finding Hodgson with connections to Essex and East London, UK. It seems that the majority of the clan come from the North of England. My family members date back in Essex to the 18th century. Laindon, Corringham, Southend, Hornchurch, Dagenham and East Ham are the main areas. Please email me.

    David Stuart Hodgson             

    I am the son of William Hodgson and Valerie Hodgson (née Davies). My father originates from Westerton in County Durham and my mother comes from Ferryhill, where my parents lived all of their lives. My grandparents moved to Binchester in County Durham. My father was a miner who worked in some of the pits in the area, including Dean and Chapter Pit until it closed.

    Dean Astley Hodgson              

    I am trying to trace my family tree back as far and wide as possible. I live in Durban, South Africa. My father is Philip Astley Hodgson born of Tom Astley Hodgson (my Grandfather) & Daphne Hodgson (my grandmother) who was originally married to Sydney Lancaster Hodgson with their offspring being Sydney, Amber and Timothy Hodgson (my uncles and aunt). I would like to trace any family from my grandfather and his siblings. Hugh, Alec, Jack, Sydney, Tom and Gladys Hodgson. They were spread across South Africa, England, Australia. Any information would be great!

    Derek Ellis Hodgson               

    My earliest known ancestor is a Thomas Hodgson born in 1780 who lived at Hague Farm, Renishaw, Derbyshire,  England.  During the 1850s part of the family – Eliza, James. Jane and Robert – moved to Sheffield. They appear in the 1851 census. Ann Brown who is also listed at the same address could be the older sister Ann.  I have not been able to find out what happened to the rest of the family, namely the father Thomas and his wife Harriot. The 1891 Census lists the family of the previously mentioned James. His wife was called Grace and their children are listed as Albert, Eliza J, James and Harry. Harry was my grandfather and I am aware of a Peter Hodgson whose grandfather was Albert. My grandmother was named Sarah, maiden name Ellis and came from Mosborough, Yorkshire, England.

    Donald Hodgson                    

    I am a descendant of George Hodgson, b 1700.  There are several different stories about his origin. I would like to know which one is correct.

    Donald Leonard Hodgson       

    I migrated to Australia June 9th 1951 on the ship "Ormonde" arriving 19th July 1951 under the care of Dr. Barnardos orphanages, I first worked and lived in Sydney from 1958 until 1994 when I moved to Melbourne, My mother's name was Nancy May and my father's name was Charles Leonard Hodgson, I would liked to know if anyone can help me find any information about my parents who are both deceased. Thank you.

    Donna Hodgson                     

    My husband Rod Hodgson is the grandson of Paul Hodgson.  Paul's father was Jonathan Hodgson Jr., and his father was Jonathan Hodgson, Sr. who was born in 1806 and had fourteen children.

    Eric Ward Hodgson                

    My father was Donald Ward Hodgson (born 3 Feb 1927, died 5 Feb 2004). My mother was Harriet Carolyn Hodgson (née McAllister) (born 11 Jan1928). My paternal grandfather wad Clayton McDonald (or MacDonald) Hodgson (born 1883, died 1966). He was a cavalry sergeant in the First World War and he emigrated to Canada from England. My paternal grandmother was Constance Irene Ward (born 18 January 1901, died 1979). She was a clergyman's daughter and she emigrated to Canada from England around 1910. My paternal great-grandfather was George Hodgson. He was a farmer somewhere in England.

    Fred Hodgson                        

    See Hodgson1738Hodgson.pdf

    Garry Hodgson (Washington USA)

    Gaye Elizabeth Hodgson      

    I am Gaye Elizabeth Hodgson, daughter of Tom Hodgson and Koa Ruby Hodgson, born in New Zealand in 1959. I am one of 8 children: Peter, Carol, Lynette, Ted, Thomas, Joy, Robyn and myself being the youngest.  My mother Koa Ruby Hodgson was born in New Zealand on 26 Oct 1921, daughter of Ruby Mundie. My Father Tom Hodgson was one of 7 children whose parents travelled from England. He was born in England on 8 Dec 1918 or 1919.

    Geoffrey Martin Hodgson     

    One of my Hodgson ancestors moved from Staindrop County Durham to London in about 1830. He was descended from a James Hodgson of Kirkby Lonsdale in the seventeenth century.

    See Hodgson1690Hodgson.pdf

    Graham Hodgson                 

    My great-great-grandfather Tyson Hodgson was born in Sedgefield, County Durham in 1850. His parents were Mary Ann Peacock and a John Hodgson, son of Thomas. John unfortunately died a year later in 1851. From his death certificate I estimate his birth year as 1822. Apart from this scant information, I've drawn a blank in finding the family either locally in Durham, neighbouring Yorkshire or even Cumberland/Westmorland. Any pointers would be appreciated

    Heather Hodgson                 

    My great-great-grandfather was John Hodgson born 1815 at Whitrigglees, Cumberland. He married Rachael Pearson (born 1835) at Ougherby, Cumberland. They had 15 children born at Hayton, Castle Sowerby, Lazonby, Plumpton and Wreay. Only eight survived - most died in infancy. If anyone has any information please email me.

    Henry Hodgson                    

    I have traced my 5 generations of Hodgsons in South Africa. I’m battling to find the link to the UK.

    Jeanette Hodgson               

    My grandparents were Robert Hodgson and Catherine Hodgson (née Kehoe). Robert was born in about 1884 and died at the age of 49 in 1933. Catherine was born in about 1881 and died at the age of 57 in 1938. They married in December 1909 and lived at 3 Snaefell Avenue, Liverpool. Catherine and Robert had 3 children to my knowledge: Patricia Jane Cox (née Hodgson) who died in 1968 aged 54; Catherine Agnes Rosenbrook (née Hodgson) who died in 1974 aged 57; and Francis Gerard Hodgson (my father) who left England on the S S Ranchi and arrived in Australia in 1950. He was born in 1925 but passed away in 1975 when I was very young. Apart from that I don't have any other information. Was hoping someone out there may be able to help me.

    Jeffrey D. Hodgson             

    I do know that my grandfather moved to Louisville, Kentucky from Waterloo, New York and I believe his family before him came in to the US through Canada from England. If any other info is needed please ask.

    Jackson Hodgson                

    We are Cumbrian Hodgson's and I am seeking information about William Hodgson, my g.g.g. grandfather and about his wife Ann Cowper, who he married at Lorton in 1792.  He worked for Curwen Estates at Schoose Farm, Workington, Cumberland. He had a grandson, g.grandson, g.g.grandson, and g.g.g. grandson, who were all practising veterinary surgeons in the parish of Brigham.

    Jeffrey William Hodgson       

    I am interested in any information available about the descendants of Ralph Hodgson and Margaret Harland.  The Harland's were apparently the family that owned the shipbuilding company, Harland and Wolff Shipyards, in Belfast, which built the "Titanic". In any case, Ralph and Margaret had a son, Harland Hodgson, who married Elizabeth Coop Ashton.  They had a son, Henry, who was born on 11 Sep 1847 in Holbeck (nr. Leeds, Yorkshire) and died 30 Oct 1917.  He married Mary Bannister (born 24 Jan 1851/52; d. April, 1911/12).  One of their children was my grandfather, Henry Hodgson (born 18 Sep 1877).  Henry owned several pubs, among which were the Cudworth Hotel (Cudworth), the Railway Hotel (Wombwell), the Station Inn (Wombwell) and the Crown Inn (West Mountain).

    Joanne Hodgson                  

    I lost contact with my grandma since I got married in 2007 and have been searching since. I would like to know if my grandma (Doris Joan Honeybourne Hodgson born 1920) died already and if her death was registered in Southampton. I would like to know where she was buried so I can at least visit her tomb and place flowers, pray and light a candle... pay my respects together with my grandad (Albert Ernest Charles Hodgson born 1920) who died in 2004. Maybe they have been now laid in peace together. They were married in 1940 at St Luke’s Southampton Parish Church.

    John Hodgson                      

    My great-great-great grandfather was Christopher Hodgson born in 1808.  He moved to Nova Scotia, Canada, and his descendants are William Hodgson, Henry B. Hodgson, Leroy Hodgson, and my father John Ross Hodgson.  Henry B. Hodgson migrated to Maine 1891 in the area of Somerset and later moved to Byron, Oxford County, Maine. Based on the year of his birth, Christopher's father may be either Mark Hodgson or Christopher Hodgson.

    John Hodgson                      

    My Hodgson forebears come from Wallsend on Tyneside, and worked in the shipyards. My great-grandfather Charles Hodgson (married in Wallsend aged 25 in 1888) came from Norton-on-Tees, where his father George was a publican. This George Hodgson may have been born in Eppleby, North Yorkshire in 1837, marrying Mary Wharton in Norton in 1860, but my information is uncertain. The family appears to have moved from rural Eppleby to industrial Teesside and Tyneside, following the job opportunities of the industrial revolution. I would be interested to hear from anybody with knowledge of this branch of the family.

    John Hodgson                      

    My Hodgson family – great-grandfather etc - came from around Thirsk inYorkshire, possibly on the road between KIlvington and Upsall.

    John Graham Hodgson (New Zealand)

    My great-grandfather John Thomas Hodgson was born in Thirsk in Yorkshire on 23 July 1857. A builder, he married Amelia Smailes in Kilvington Church on 17 November 1881. They had sons William born in Upsall on 14 September 1883 (who also became a builder), Herbert born 26 September1886 (also a builder),Fred born 18 April 1891 (school teacher),and a daughter Amelia born 1 October 1895. William and Herbert came to New Zealand and returned to bring out all the family except for Fred. Fred had a son John shot down as fighter pilot WW11, and a daugher Catherine.Herbert went to work in Ripon before coming to New Zealand. John Thomas's father John married Sarah Brown in Whitby on 22 August 1855.

    John Lennox Boyack Hodgson    

    New Zealand has many Hodgson families, my own dates back to 1851 when my great grandfather Twentyman Hodgson arrived, in Lyttelton Harbour near the very young Christchurch settlement on the sailing ship Cressy from Raithby, in Lincolnshire. When aged 21 Twentyman married Sarah Ann Pattrich, aged 22, on 1 August 1876 at Wesley Church, Loburn, near Christchurch. He was a drover. (There was another Twentyman Hodgson about in Canterbury about that time.) Twentyman and Sarah had six children: Lucy, Bertie Lennox, Millicent, Muriel, Stanlet Anthony, and Pearl. My grandfather, Stanley Anthony H. married Grace Elizabeth Craw and they had four children, Muriel, Clarence W, Robert Stanley Lennox and Sylvia. My father Robert Stanley Lennox H.(Bob) married my mother Mary Anne (née Boyack) and they had six children Robert Anthony Boyack (Tony), Gereald Lawrence Boyack (Gerry), Judith Elizabeth Grace, John Lennox Boyack, Gregory David and Robin Mark.

    John Timothy Hodgson                 

    I was born in 1947 to Wilfred Hodgson (born 1914), youngest child of William Hodgson (born c.1875) and Alice (née Leeming) all of Leeds, Yorkshire, England with perhaps connections to Morley in Yorkshire. Wilfred's middle sister was Florence and eldest brother Leonard (born c.1910) who had a son Kenneth who still lives in Leeds. This is my first foray into my ancestry so anybody who can spot a link, do get in touch.

    Joseph Hodgson                            

    My great grandfather was Hugh Beresford Hodgson.  If my information is correct, he was born 18 June 1872 in Leeds, England and died 21 June 1955 in Miles City, Montana, USA. Further information would be very welcome.

    Judith (Judy) Margaret Hodgson (Toronto, Canada)

    I am the eldest of seven children born to Eric and Mollie Hodgson in Hull, Yorkshire, England. My grandfather was Richard Henry Hodgson of Yorkshire whose siblings included John, Eleanor, Ruth and Mae. John emigrated to Canada (residing in Sarnia, Ontario).

    Karen Edith Hodgson                    

    I would be very grateful of anyone could help me find my father. He was Alan Hodgson, married (or together with) Sandra Mary Craven, daughter of Roy and Edith Craven My parents lived at Gainsborough, Lincolnshire around the 1960s and 1970s. I was born on 22 December 1971. My mother sadly died in 2002. Her sister is Ada and her brothers are Robert, Peter, John and Michael (Craven). My uncle Michael died before I was born. I pray that this works as it is my last hope of finding him.

    Katherine Hodgson                      

    I am descended from Christopher Hodgson of Eryholme in Yorkshire. See Hodgson1865Hodgson.pdf

    Larry Hodgson                              

    I have uncovered Hodgson family ties back to 1775 in the Albany (NY) area, in the village of Fabius Town, Onondaga County, New York, USA. I will be glad to share this information with anyone seeking to trace the Hodgson Family name in the USA.

    Lesley Robert Hodgson (Victoria, Australia)

    My dad’s name is William George Hodgson. My grandfather is George Frederick Hodgson. My great-grandfather is William Hodgson, who was born about 1870 in Yorkshire in England. I believe William married Elizabeth Parry, who may be his second wife. George Frederick fought in World War One at Fremantle on the ship Aeneas. Both William and George came to Australia and Settled in North Perth. George Frederick died in Australia but William went back to Yorkshire and died there. George Frederick worked as a printer in North Perth, Australia and William owned a bus company in England. George Frederick married Elizabeth Lunn in Australia.

    Luke Hodgson                                  

    Mervyn John Hodgson (born 1927 in Jandowae, Queensland, Australia) married Joan Mira (born 1921). They had 3 children: Odette, Evan (born 1955 in Nambour, Queensland) and Daphne. Evan is my Father. He married Vicki Smith (born 1954) and had two children: Anna (born 1983 in Brisbane, Queensland) and Luke (born 1986 in Toowoomba, Queensland).

    Lyall Hodgson                                  

    I am from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. My great grandparents - William and Emma Hodgson - farmed south of Ottawa, Ontario.I continue to research my past but it is difficult to get information from the 1800s.

    Mark Hodgson                                  

    I am descended from Thomas Hodgson and Maria Stead. Most of their children were born near Bradford in Yorkshire. Our Hodgson family emigrated from England to America in 1842 after Thomas Hodgson died. I would like to find more information on Thomas Hodgson’s family if at all possible.

    See Hodgson1790Hodgson.pdf

    Martin Hodgson                               

    I am in the process of researching my Hodgson family tree and at present I can go back to my great-great-great-great-grandfather Thomas Hodgson of Yorkshire in England, George Hodgson (born circa 1800, North Allerton, Yorkshire),  William Preston Hodgson (born 1842 Kirkham, Lancashire), George Hodgson (born 1867 Blackburn, Lancashire), Harold George Hodgson (born 1914, Brailsford, Ashbourne, Derbyshire).  If there is anyone else researching my family line I would love to hear from them and I will be happy to share my information. Many thanks.

    Mary A. Hodgson (née Veilleux)        

    My husband was descended from George Hodgson - born 11 July 1896 on Bonus on Lake Windermere, England. His father was a stonemason who died at age 45. George had 2 sisters and one brother: Bessie of Leyland Lancs., a spinster who died in 1996 at age 92; Agnes, also a spinster who died in 1995 at age 90; Bill of Birkenhead who died in 1997 at age 99. George married Annie Rishton in 1920 and came to the USA that same year. George and Annie had two sons: George Jr , born 27 December 1926 in Athol, MA, died 15 February 2007  at age 80. David born 12 March 1935  in Athol, MA, died 27 November 2003 at age 68.

    Michael Hodgson                                

    In tracing my ancestors and have got as far back as circa 1890. My great-great-granddad Tom Hayston Hodgson married Emily Beaty. They had a son William Hodgson born circa 1912 who married Ellen McClure on 1 June 1936 in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Does anyone have information to help me trace further back?

    Michael (Myk) Hodgson                 

    There is a fairly large extended family of Hodgsons in New Zealand and who are in the last few years expanding into Australia. There is also another family of Hodgsons in Auckland. I am interested to know how the lineage expanded downunder.

    Michael Conn Hodgson                 

    Michael Dean Hodgson, VA, USA 

    I am looking for information on the following relatives:

            1.  Calvin J. Hodgson, born 20 Aug 1846

            2.  Henry Hodgson, born 14 Dec 1804 in Dufton, Cumbria, England (wife Sarah Wyatt)

            3.  William Hodgson Sr, born about 1780 in Dufton, Cumbria, England (wife Sarah Nicholson)

    My father is Rodney Dean Hodgson (1919), son of Joseph Franklin Hodgson (1892), son of Calvin J. Hodgson, son of Henry Hodgson, son of William Hodgson Sr..

    Nigel Hodgson                            

    I am researching my ancestors who lived in the Elland area of West Yorkshire in England in the early 19th century: Joseph Hodgson (born Rastrick 1784, died 1862) and his children Caroline (1816-1844), Edward (1819-1885), Sidney (1826-1841), Joseph (1831-1908), Silvanus (b. 1833). All were born in Elland. Joseph (born 1831) moved to Methley, West Yorkshire in the 1850s and various generations including myself were raised around Methley.

    Pamela Carol Hodgson              
    I was born in London January 1961, daughter of Alan Walter Hodgson, born 1933. I have a sister Wendy Marianne, born September 1959. My grandparents were William George Hodgson (died December 1987) and Rose (died September 1995).

    Paul Hodgson                            

    Peter Hodgson                          

    I am directly descended from William Hodgson (born1727 in Arkengarthdale in North Yorkshire) and my family still live in and around Richmond in North Yorkshire, England. I interested in Hodgson family connections and am happy to share my research through my web site (just email me for details). 

    Peter Hodgson                

    I have a direct male line back to John  Hodgson, born 1783 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England, who married Margaret Bulmer born 28 Dec 1784 in Leeds, at St Peters Parish Church Leeds on 24 Oct 1803. I need help please, to get back further.

    Peter B. Hodgson                      

    My Hodgsons are from Co. Durham and Tyneside. In the 19th century they were master grocers and master butchers with what appears to have been either a chain or a related group of shops in Newcastle, West Rainton, East Rainton, Prudhoe and Jarrow. And possibly with links to Middleton-in-Teesdale. Any info gratefully received!

    Peter Calvert Leary Hodgson    

    My grandfather Herbert Hodgson is credited with developing the Hodgson Sea Wall, which supports the man-made Florida Keys. His aunt was apparently Francis Hodgson Burnett, the famous novelist. My father was Peter Calvert Leary Hodgson Senior (1912-1976), the inventor of “silly putty.” His brother was Herbert Hodgson who had two sons.


    I have recently been diagnosed with hemochromatosis. This is a genetic disorder that I inherited from both my parents. It can cause serious lateral damage (diabetes, arthritis, tachycardia ...). Neither of my parents was diagnosed. They both died at 63. I need to reach the son of my father's brother, Herbert. Both Herbert and the elder of Herbert's sons died very young of diabetes. I want to alert my cousin of the possibility that he has the same genetic condition that killed his father and brother.

    As I understand it, my uncle Herbert died of a severe diabetes attack, in his early forties, in the 1940s. His older son suffered the same fate. When my father died, in 1976, my cousin (I believe his name was Peter) had been living in Southern California, in the San Fernando Valley.

    If my cousin is still alive, and unaware of his condition, he should be tested as soon as possible.

    Peter David Hodgson                 

    My father Francis Hodgson was born, I believe, in Knock in Cumbria in 1908.  In 1945 he married Marion Lund in Settle.  He had brothers Bill, Allan and Bob and sister Molly.

    Peter George Hodgson (Australia)

    I am a descendant of George Charles Hodgson who landed in Cape Town in South Africa in 1836. See family tree HERE.

    Ralph F. Hodgson, Jr. (North Brunswick, NJ, USA)

    My great grandfather Hodgson's family came from the village of Bere Alston in Devon, England around the middle of the 19th century.  They settled in Plymouth, PA, USA which is near Wilkes-Barre, PA, where I was born in 1948.  I welcome any information regarding Hodgsons from Devon, England.

    Richard A. Hodgson                     

    I have traced the family roots back to Featherstone/Pontefract/Wakefield Yorkshire to about 1550. My ancestor emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1819 and the family gradually moved West.

    See Hodgson1556Hodgson.pdf

    Robbin Hodgson                         

    I am seeking information about my great-grandfather Dr Thomas Cady Hodgson.  He was born in Ontario, perhaps Beaverton, in 1869 and emigrated to Berlin, Connecticut, becoming a naturalized US citizen in 1917. It appears that he married my great-grandmother, Susie Weed Penfield, in Connecticut well before becoming a citizen. My grandfather, John Penfield Hodgson was born in Berlin, CT in 1911.  I have not been able to locate a marriage certificate which might have named my great-grandfather’s parents. Other than US census reports and his naturalization certificate I have not been able to locate information about him, much less his parents. This is really frustrating as I have the other main branches of my family going back hundreds of years. I have never hit a wall so early before. All help would be much appreciated.

    Roderick L. Hodgson                    

    Roderick L. Hodgson of Hudson Quebec, Canada is descended from George Hodgson and Mary Bland who emigrated from Dufton/Long Marton in Westmorland in England in 1825 to Cavagnal, Lower Canada, Brutish North Ameruca. I have all the family tree info for all the four Hodgson families that came from England in the early 1800s to Cavagnal (now Hudson, Quebec) The families were not related at the time but have since intermarried many times over. The earliest Hodgson family was John Hodgson and Rachel Wilson who arrived in 1819 from Little Salkeld, Cumberland.

    Does anyone know where Lieutenant George H. Hodgson R.N. was born? He was serving on HMS Terror during the Franklin Expedition of 1845. Thank you.

    Ross F. Hodgson                          

    My grandfather was Lawrence Hodgson and he was born near Bellville, Ohio, USA and died in Elyria, Ohio in 1986.  I also know that my great-grandfather's name was George Hodgson.  Any more information would be great.  Thanks.

    Ruthann Hodgson                       

    Sally Hodgson                            

    My father's branch of the family are from North Yorkshire around Old Liverton and Egton. His name is Robert Dennis and his Father's name was John George.

    Samantha Hodgson (Bradford UK)

    I was born in 1992 to Gary Hodgson (born 1961) and Mandy Smith, with a sister Sophie Hodgson (born 1994). My dad was born to Frank Hodgson (1936-1988) + Rachel Hodgson (née Kirkbright, born 1936) with a sister Andrea Hodgson (now Harland) (born 1959). Frank Hodgson was born to Harrison Hodgson and Emily Hodgson (date of birth unknown). Frank Hodgson also had a brother (born 1937) who had 2 daughters: Julie (born 1959) and Diane (born 1961). As far as I am aware all were born in Bradford in England.

    Sandra Hodgson                        

    I am the daughter of Thomas Hodgson born 29 April 1913 in Grangevilla, Chester Le Street, County Durham and Lavinia White born 14 March 1920 in South Shields. My Grandparents were Thomas Hodgson born 1873 and Catherine Thompson born 1877. My great Grandparents were Moses Hodgson born in Sunderland in 1847 and Deborah Ann Duffey born in 1852. My great great grandparents were Thomas Hodgson born 1809 and Sarah Carr born 1811 - again both from Sunderland.

    Sandra Hodgson                       

    Can anyone provide me with information on one of my ancestors, Anthony Carr Hodgson? He was born in Durham in 1844; married Isabella Crawford in 1866 in Bishopwearmouth, County Durham. From then on records of him disappear. Isabella subsequently remarried and moved to the USA with her new husband. One bit of unvalidated information is that Anthony died at sea in 1870 but we have been unable to find a death certificate or any record to confirm this.

    Savannah Hodgson              

    I am trying to find out about the Hodgson side of my family. I don't know very much except that my grandfather’s name was Edward Charles Hodgson. He married Evelyn Annie Jellyman. I don't any dates, but I guess they married in Palmerston North, Manawatu, New Zealand in the late 1940s or early 1950s. Their children are Dulcie, Alan, Graham, Ross, Lynne and John. Any help or information would be gratefully received.

    Stephen Andrew Hodgson         

    I am the son of Harry Hodgson (born 17 Feb 1931). My mother is Audrey Hodgson (née Kell) (born 15 April 1932). My father’s parents lived in Ferryhill, County Durham. My grandfather was also Harry Hodgson, a miner from Deanbank who served in the Army. His mother was Ada. I would be very interested in information about my family history.

    Steve Hodgson                          

    My father emigrated to South Africa after the war in 1948. He was born and bred in Yorkshire and attended Bradford Grammar School.

    Stuart Andrew Hodgson            

    I was born in Hull, as was my father Charles Davie Hodgson along with my brother David Ian Hodgson (died 29 Jan 2008, aged 49). As far as I'm aware my grandfather William (deceased) was also born in Hull and worked on the docks. His father, another William, a shipwright, was born somewhere in the north east of England.

    Susan Hodgson                        

    Tara Leigh Hodgson                

    I am looking for Ian Hodgson. He used to live at Second Avenue, Woodlands, Doncaster, South Yorkshire with his parents around 1987-88. His daughter Tara who was born 22-03-1988 is looking for him.

    Terry Dean Hodgson (Ohio USA) 

    I am interested in finding information about my Grandfather John William Hodgson, born in Tynemouth, Northumberland, England in 1885. My Grandfather’s mother was Esther Bird Hodgson. He came to the US in 1907 on the Britanica and is listed as a bricklayer, 5'7" 135 lbs. He came to Sayre in Perry County, Ohio and was a coal miner. He talked very little about his family but he had brothers and sisters in England. Please advise any information you may have.

    Thomas Harold Hodgson         

    I was born in Athens, Georgia, USA in 1950. My father was James Marion Hodgson Sr., also born in Athens, Georgia. His father was Harold Bishop Hodgson from Falls Church, Virginia, USA. I would like to connect with more relatives and have information that goes back a number of generations

    (Walter) George Hodgson        

    My father Walter Loftus Hodgson was born in 1905 in Stewart, Minnesota, USA and died in 1979. During World War Two was in the US Navy in the European Theater. He took part in the invasion of North Africa, Sicily, and Normandy on D-Day. He had one brother Raymond Hodgson and two sisters Laura Woodruff and Francis Oliver. My grandfather is Frank Hodgson was one of I believe six brothers. He lived most of his life in Minnesota. My great-grandparents were immigrants from Great Britain in the late 1800s.

    William Olaf Hodgson             

    I was born in Scarborough, Yorkshire, England on 27 Sep 1940. My father Thomas Olaf Hodgson was born in Pickering on 20 June 1908 and died in Carlisle in 1986, My grandfather Tom Hodgson was born on 6 Nov 1878 and died 20 May 1948. My great-grandfather Thomas Hodgson was born in Norton on 5 Nov 1846 and died in Pickering on 10 Oct 1905, My great-great-grandfather Richard Hodgson was baptised in Kirby Misperton on 7 Apr 1820, My great-great-great-grandfather Thomas Hodgson was baptised 20 Jun 1790, My great-great-great-great-grandfather Thomas Hodgson was baptised in Little Ouseburn on 15 Apr 1754 and died about 1811, My great-great-great-great-great-grandfather was William Hodgson. I also have details of their wives and children.

    Lynne Hodgson Oliver           

    My father was Edgar Jones Hodgson (1915-2006). My grandfather was George Wiley Hodgson (1881-1963). My great-grandfather was Jonathan Hodgson (1854-1927). My great-great grandfather was George Washington Hodgson (~1828-1864). The locale was Delaware, Maryland & Virginia, USA. My brick wall is at George Washington Hodgson's parents. Any help here would be appreciated.

    Doug Hodson                        

    I am Doug Hodson, born 1966, of Eugene, Oregon, son of Larry Hodson and Shirley Donaldson of St Elmo, Illinois, USA.  My dad Larry died in 2008, aged 70.  My great-great-grand-father came to the USA in the late 1800s and settled in Illinois.

    Leanne Hodson                    

    My Father is Lawrence Malcolm Hodson, born 1948 in Woolwich London, married to Brenda (née Ledden). His father was William Charles Hodson, born 1909 in Caterham, married Peggy. His siblings were: Stanley Louis Hodson (1906), Robert Samuel (1901 Greenwich), Robert Hodson (1898 - died in infancy)
    Their father was Robert Hodson, born 1875 in Greenwich, married Elizabeth. His father was Thomas Hodson, born 1837 in Blackheath, a house decorator, died 1898, married Eliza. His father was Benjamin Hodson, born 1777 in Boxwich, Worcestershire (was a Chelsea pensioner), died 1869 in Greenwich, married Ann. His father was Benjamin Hodson ( no dates) who married Mary.

    John P. Hodson                    

    I was born in 1950 in Hammond, Indiana, USA. My father was David Matthew Hodson (b. 1904 near Cincinnati, Ohio), his father David Matthew Hodson (b. 1880 in Iowa) his father Matthew Hodgson/Hodson (b. 1831 in Indiana) his father was James Hodgson (b. 1796 Caldbeck, Cumberland, England) his father was James Hodgson (b. abt. 1760 in Sebergham, Cumberland, England). Matthew Hodgson was a Quaker and was first married to Elizabeth. She passed away and he then married Maria Doyle. It is at about the time that he changes his name to Hodson and I believe left the Quaker faith. Any help would be appreciated. 

    Robert Hodson                       

    I reside in Missouri, USA. I have traced my family back to Robert Henry Hodgson born 21 Jul 1621 at Linton, Yorkshire, England. Robert Hodgson was a Quaker and came to America in 1657 bringing the Quaker religion. Robert Hodgson is my Great-grand father many times over. He mentioned on another page on this website.

    David Holohan                     

    I am researching Hodgsons who were direct ascendants of mine, living in Cloughton, Stainton Dale, Burniston (sometimes spelled Burneston), near Scarborough, North Yorkshire.  I have many generations, dating back ultimately to the 1400s (but with some gaps), and ongoing research into parish records back to the early 1600s.  My great-grandmother was Mary Ann Hodgson (born 1878).

    Paul Hood                             

    My great-great-grandmother Maria Louisa Harrison Hodgson was born in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1837. Her father was Charles Harrison Hodgson born 1803 in West Rainton, County Durham.  His father was William Hodgson born 1770 in West Auckland, Durham. His father William Hodgson born circa 1746 in Morley (I believe this to be the Morley in Durham, not Yorkshire). Help with this family would be fantastic.

    David Hopkins                      

    I am trying to track down Hodgson & Co, who were photographers with a studio in Cheshire UK, circa 1900; possibly in Northwich.  A Mr Hodgson I am given to understand married my great grandmother (Elizabeth Minshaw, maiden name Oldham) about that time; she had been married previously and had three girl children, one of which was my grandmother.

    Raymond E. Hoskins            

    I am the great-great-great grandson of Lydia Hodgson, born 1794 in North Carolina, USA and died 1851 Salem, Indiana, USA. She was the great granddaughter of George Hodgson, born in UK in 1701, migrated to USA, buried in North Carolina in 1774.  I'm trying to find more information about the Hodgson family roots in England.  I believe that George came from Yorkshire, but I can't be sure. Any information from my English cousin's would be greatly appreciated.

    Frances Ind                          

    My Grandmother was Frances (Fanny) Hodgson. She was one of 13 children. I think her family were bridge builders based at Northallerton.  A presentation paper knife featured on Bargain Hunt recently was presented by a Robert Hodgson in 1866, made from bone taken from a river bed during work to make a bridge.  Perhaps he was my great grandfather or some other relative. 

    Cathie (Catherine) Jenkins   

    My mother, Bernice Ruth Jenkins (nee Jones) is eldest of four children of Joseph Henry Jones and Rosanna May Jones (née Hodgson). Rosanna May was the daughter of James Hodgson and Rosanna Maria Hodgson (née Cunningham). James died in his early thirties of typhoid fever. Rosanna Maria died in 1941 (aged 83) at Rosanna May and Joseph Henry's Box Hill home in Victoria, Australia. This Hodgson family were orchardists at Templestowe. Other family members were Dairymen. I have a few interesting photographs and would be interested in hearing from any other members about this branch of the family.

    Bronwyn Johnson                 

    Albert Ronald Hodgson served in the First World War as a machine gunner. He and Alfonse came to Australia as soldier settlers in about 1921 but Alfonse returned to England not long after their arrival. If anyone has any knowledge of Albert’s life and family in England I would be extremely grateful.

    George E Kearney                

    Lynda Kemp                         

    My great grandmother was Hannah Hodgson, born in Ontario, Canada, daughter of Thomas Pearson Hodgson.

    Janice King                           

    My father is Alfred Lewis Hodgson, one of three children of Christopher (born 30 Nov 1907) and Ester Hodgson (second wife) of St Helens, Merseyside, Lancashire. I believe Christopher’s father was from Ireland and became a shipbuilder carpenter in Liverpool, but know no more. Christopher had two sisters.

    Yvonne Knibbs                       

    I am researching my grandmother who was in service to a Ellen Louise Hodgson on London.  Does anyone know anything about this lady? I feel it may give me an insight into my grandmother’s life.  In 1911 Ellen was 75 and had her unmarried daughter living with her.

    Josephine Knight                   

    My great-grandma was Ann Hodgson born at Whinfell near Cockermouth in Cumberland in England in 1850. Her Grandfather Edward Wilson Hodgson  arrived in Tasmania on a convict ship. His wife and son William also went to Tasmania where William fathered 14 children . 3 males would have had descendants – Joseph Henry Hodgson 1837 m. Emma Green, Alfred Hpdgson 1845 married Mary Henderson Livingston and Victor William Hodgson 1862 married Emily Turvy. Any contact from descendants would be welcome.

    Anne Kostler                          

    I would appreciate hearing from any members of the family of Robert James Hodgson and Catherine (Kit) Hodgson (née Morgan) (my aunt and uncle) who left Abbey Wood, London in the 1960's and emigrated to Australia with four or five of their children (my cousins).  They sailed on the ship Orcades. Parents of Catherine are Thomas William Balfour Morgan and Elizabeth Stead, my grandparents.  I look forward to hearing from anyone with information.

    Susan Marie Lang (née Hodgson, from Saginaw, Michigan, USA)

    I am looking for information on my dad's roots – John Wahl Hodgson was born 8 Sept 1932. His mother was Bertha Marie Wahl (30 Mar 1894 – 4 Jul 1974). His father was William Hodgson born 5 Mar 1881 and died in 30 Jul 1940. At the time he died he lived in Saginaw, Michigan. William’s father was Josiah Hodgson from England who married Katherine McQuarrie (14 Oct 1846 – 30 Apr 1934) from Scotland. Josiah’s father was William Hodgson from England who married Francine Ann Holmes. I would love more info.

    Kris Kurk                                

    My great grandfather was a Hodson.  I have traced our line to George Hodgson born in 1700 in Yorkshire, England.  He emigrated to Virginia in the United States in 1716. But there are several people with trees that list Robert Hodgson and Sarah Martin as his parents. This is where I get confused. This does not make sense to me because Robert and Sarah married in the US in 1697.  If they were in the US how did George not immigrate until 1716?  It's possible I have the wrong George Hodgson on the immigration record.  I would appreciate any info on this.

    Fiona Lapham                         

    My grandmother was Sylvia Maureen Hodgson, born 1922 in King William’s Town, South Africa. She married Basil Winston Hanger in Rhodesia on 11 July 1941. She was the daughter of William Hodgson, born 1880, who was said to have London degree as a masseur. He possibly married Edith Annie Payne in the UK on 7 Oct 1907. He was the son of Henry Hodgson who married Marion Smith.  Does anyone have more details?  Thank you!!  

    Laurie Lee                              

    My great-great grandmother was Frances Hodgson of Venango County, Pennyslvania, USA. She was married to Thomas Rushton Wain. Frances' parents were a Mark Hodgson and Margaret. I have been unable to find Margaret's maiden name. Mark and Margaret were evidently from the hamlet of Halton Lea Gate, Northumberland, England. Mark was born about 1832. If you share any of this lineage I would be so excited to hear from you as I've come to a dead end at this point. I can't find any information about their marriage that would have her maiden name or about Mark's parents.

    Lavinia Lee                           

    I am looking for Henry H Hodgson (born 1820) and his wife Mary A Knight (born 1845) both of England. They went to Canada and had a son Joseph in 1867-68. They also had a son William in 1865-1868 in Canada or Iowa. Joseph married Sarah (Sadie) Banks born1876 of Missouri. The 1880 Iowa census has Henry Mason Store, 3rd Ward, Marshalltown, Joseph and Sadie had a daughter Esther in 1897.I cannot find any relatives for Henry or Mary besides the two sons. Can anyone help?

    Diane Lelko                            

    I am looking for any information I can find on my grandmother, Julia Ann Hodgson. Born in Oklahoma around 1889, she moved to the California Bay Area and married a William Martin. Her daughter Jean Martin is my mother, who was born in 1918 in the San Francisco area. If anyone has any information please let me know. I’m at a dead end.

    Michelle Lewis (formerly Julie Bowden)

    My father was Colin Hodgson, believed to be born in about 1940 and living in the Fulham area of London. He was apparently a member of the British armed forces. I was born in South London and adopted. I would be interested in more information about my biological father and his ancestry.

    Richard Lewis                  

    My grandfather Richard Hodgson was born South Shields, Tyneside, UK in 1892. His father William Hodgson was a signalman born 1 Dec 1850 in Howdon in Yorkshire. He was married to Rosanna Moat. I have traced this line back to about 1700 in Great Driffield in Yorkshire. The very last of my Hodgson ancestors was Thomas Hodgson. I would love to hear from anyone whom may be connected in some way or knows any information about this Hodgson family.

    Carolyn Little

    Mary Ann Hodgson (1789-1864) was my great-great grandmother. She married Henry Callard in London. I have had no luck tracing her forbears.

    Keith C Lockitt                        

    I have reached a roadblock with my family history and hoping someone out there can link what I have to an existing family tree or research. My great-great-great-grandfather was Robert Hodgson born around 1810 (possibly in Deighton in Yorkshire, England) and died around 1860. He was married to Mary Love born circa 1817 from Newgate St in London. They lived in London and had a son, William, born circa 1838 who was my great-great- grandfather. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

    Ally MacLennan                       

    I am searching for Alan Walter Hodgson, long lost Father to David Alan Hodgson, born 1972 in Cyprus, where Alan was based in the armed forces until David was about 9 or so. Afterwards they lived in East Grinstead UK. David has a sister Susan Hodgson and his mother is Hazel (née Anderson) Hodgson. Alan Walter Hodgson was last known to have moved to Silicon Valley, USA in the late 1980, possibly with the armed forces, and has not been in touch since. David would love to get in touch with his father and has long since lost touch with both his mother and sister too. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Anita Manning                        

    I am looking for parents/siblings/ancestors of Anne Hodgson (1769-1843) who married Benjamin Aislabie (1774-1842) in Chigwell, Essex, England. They lived in Lee, Kent and retired to Sevenoaks, where Anne is buried. See 

    Susan Manning (née Hodgson)

    I am from one of the Aussie Hodgson branches. My dad was Robert William Hodgson. My granddad was Richard Hodgson.  My great-grandfather was Robert Hodgson born 1884, who migrated from Billy Row in Durham UK to Australia and first lived in Colac, then in Sunshine in Victoria. His father was a blacksmith named Johnathon Ishmael Hodgson. I'm curious to know the names of Johnathons father and grandfather and any other details. I believe this Hodgson clan were married to Lawthrops who married Wades who married the daughter of James Stuart of Scotland. Any help would be appreciated.

    Kenneth R. Marwood             

    I have traced our linage back to my great grandfather Samuel Hodgson (1840-1905) who was an Anglican priest & had 12 children with Lissie Brown. My grandfather G.A. Hodgson was born around 1880 & married Edith Mary Benson. William Hope Hodgson (1877-1918) was my grandfather’s brother so we are informed, but we need to check if this is correct. I have traced the Benson side all the way back to Edward White Benson, father of E. W. Benson, Archbishop of Canterbury 1883–1896.

    Julie Mather-Johns                

    I am interested in tracing ancestry of Margaret Hodgson, born in 1788 in Lancashire or Yorkshire, who married Simeon Yewdall (born 1786) on 15 April 1816 in Lancaster and subsequently lived lived in Poulton-Le-Sands, Dalton and Lancaster in England.

    Barbara McCallen (Canada)   

    My great-great grandfather was Matthew Hodgson, born in 1830 in Yorkshire, England. He emigrated to Simcoe, Ontario, Canada and settled there as a farmer.  He passed away in Bradford, Ontario in 1907.  One of his sons, Samuel George Hodgson, is my great-grandfather (born in Bradford, Ontario).  Any information on a Matthew Hodgson born in 1830 in Yorkshire would be greatly appreciated. 

    David McConkey                   

    I am looking for information related to my great-grandfather John Abram Hodgson of London, England. He married Fanny Louisa Stevens (late Barnett) on 10 Aug 1907.  They were known to reside at 99 Mayall Road. At the time of Fanny's death at the Lambeth Infirmary in early 1912, John Hodgson was known to be an hostler for the Crucher Dairy Farm in Peckham. 

    Michael McCook                        

    My research evolves from a Benjamin Thomas Hodgson born around 1811 in Leeds who was transported to Australia in 1831. I have documented nearly all his descendants. Sadly I am stumped as to how to tie this back to the UK. All of my work is on

    Sue McCormick                     

    My great grandmother Emma Hodgson (1852-1908) was born Newhaggard, Trim, Ireland but by 1861 was living with her uncle George Hodgson in Preston, Lancashire. Her birth record gives her father as Thomas Hodgson, a miller and her mother as Mary. Thomas and George Hodgson and their siblings were born in Lancashire – Heaton/Overton/Cockerham area and their father was Thomas, also a miller. There was a large mill at Newhaggard so it seems likely that Thomas was working there when Emma was born. I have no record of his marriage to Mary, whether she was Irish or what happened to her. I don’t know why Emma was living with her aunt and uncle. She married James Bramwell Dobson in 1877 and they lived in Satterthwaite for 20 years, where he was the schoolmaster, then they moved back to Preston and ran the family pub The Spindlemakers Arms on Lancaster Rd. Anyone with links or information please contact me.

    Glen McGivern                      

    I have a photographers portrait of a Rose Hodgson taken September 1891. The photographers card says Charles F Treble, Clapham Junction. London.

    The woman in question could be 18 to 30 yrs old and the image is of pretty good quality. Does anyone have a connection to this person? I have 15 Hodgson burials recorded in Belfast City Cemetery.

    Gail Metcalfe                        

    My great-great-grandfather was Daniel Hodgson (1826-1896) who married Isabella Calvert (1826-1891). They lived in Laverton, North Yorkshire, England.  Daniel's parents were Leonard and Elizabeth Hodgson (I think Elizabeth's parents may have been from Preston, Lancashire). In the 1861 census 5 children were living with them -- Arthur Preston; Daniel; Harriet Preston Calvert H.; Leonard; and Robert William as well as 5 servants. I would like to communicate with any descendants of this family who might have further information on them.

    Murray Milne                           

    I would like more information about Nita Ortena Hodgson, my paternal grandmother. Her father John Orton Hodgson (8 Jul 1870 - 6 Jul 1939) of Vaudreuil (Hudson) Quebec married Maria H Pelton (1874-1917). He was a storekeeper in Carlsbad Springs, Ontario. Nita Ortena (1900-1935) married my grandfather Andrew Murray Milne of Ottawa, Ontario (1895-1953). Nita’s grandparents are Joseph Robin Hodgson (1819-1877) of England and Elizabeth Parsons of Quebec (1845-1922).  Her great grandparents are Robert Hodgson (1791-1852) and Jane Park (1814-1864).  

    Barbara Mitchell (née Hodgson)

    Esther Charlotte Mitchell      

    John Lampton Hodgson, born about 1775 possibly in Durham, England, was a Quaker who came up to Ontario, Canada, from Albany, NY, some time before 1800.  His parents, Ralph born Feb. 12, 1754, and Elizabeth Hodgson, had become Shakers and they and two of their children are buried in the Shaker cemetery in Watervliet, Albany County, NY.  John married Ann James of Pennsylvania, daughter of Ezekiel James, at the Yonge Street Quaker Meeting House on Apr. 25, 1816.  Two of their children were John Ralph Hodgson, b. May 1817, and Elizabeth, b. Nov. 21,1899 who married William Ward.

    Sandra Moore                           

    Margaret (Rita) Floretta Hodgson (born 20 September 1921) lived in New Zealand. When aged 5, after her mother died, she was placed in an orphanage. She must have migrated to South Africa, where she met Frank Moore and got married. Her birth certificate lists another surname of “Gregory” which suggests that she might have been adopted as an infant. If anyone can shed some light on this please contact me.

    Bruce Moorhouse                    

    I am researching my wife's (Shirley Hodgson) line which comes from Durham and largely the areas of Langleydale, Staindrop and Auckland. The furthest back I have got with certainty is George Hodgson, born 1704/5 St Helen Auckland. Branch lines include Arrowsmith, Sidgwick, and Wastell.

    Rebecca Morley                   

    My mother was originally born Anne Hodgson before marrying into the Morley family. She was one of five: Katherine Hodgson, John, Anne, Teresa and Terry. They all locate from the County Durham area in the UK. I would like to trace back further.

    Dominic Murray                   

    I am interested in finding more about the Hodgson line that was in Newcastle, but then moved down to London in the early 1800s. James Stewart Hodgson b. 1826 Hampstead, Middlesex, son of John Hodgson, esq. b. 1779 Ann Castle, Northumberland, married to Caroline born in France, son of: John Hodgson b. 1753 Newcastle, married Sarah Gale 13 Jan 1778 Newcastle. The line is via my sister-in-law (and nieces).

    Kathleen Nichols                

    In 1618 Robert Hodgson was born in Warwick, England. In "June 1657 he came over the ocean to Amsterdam New York, where he was cruelly beaten and chained as a Quaker, under the government of Stuyvesant (ruled by the Dutch).” He married Rachel Alice Shatten - children Alice, Mary, and Robert. Also, in Virginia my husband’s ancestor Nathan Nichols (b. 1748, d. 1822) married in 1784 Hannah Hodgson (b. 1769) in Frederick Co. Va.. The Hodgson Home in Winchester Va. – built in 1745 – is still there.  I have stories relating to the families that lived there then and during the Civil War.  Would love to hear from anyone related – willing to share what I can or exchange data.

    Margaret Norcross              

    My great, great grandfather was Richard Hodgson (1810), the founder of a  mineral water business in Ulverston, Cumbria. Richard and his wife Mary Wayles (1814) had several children and I am a descendant of John Peter (1840) and thence of his son Frances Sydney (1886). I would appreciate any information about the family and to hear from other descendants of Richard.

    Janet Ogden (née Tompkins)

    Tim Owen                           

    Does anyone have any information on my great-great-great-grandmother, Catherine Hodgson? Catherine was born in Whitby, North Yorkshire, England, about 1833. She married John Marshall who was born in Malton, North Yorkshire about 1835. They had several children, including my great-great grandmother, Mary Marshall, who was born in Driffield, East Yorkshire in 1865.

    Peter Parsons                      

    Sean Patchin                      

    I am seeking information about Andrew Hodgson (baptized about 1730) who married Margaret Cook in Slaidburn (in the West Riding of Yorkshire) on 21 Feb 1750.  They had 6 children:  Ann, John, Richard, Alice, Andrew, Margaret.  This Andrew was the son of Andrew Hodgson & Mary Thornton.  By 1759, the family was at the Crutchenber Farm near Slaidburn. 

    Wendy Payne                       

    I am trying to find my Grandad’s mother.  She was called Elizabeth Hodgson and born in 1891. She gave birth to William Leonard Hodgson on the 4 July 1913 in Highfield Workhouse Hospital in Sunderland. He was adopted by a Jasper family,  Elizabeth’s father was William, a stonemason.  She had a sister called Mrs Myers, whose address at the time was 14 Dale Street Carlisle. I am trying to find out what happened to her.

    Katharine Peterson

    I am looking for information on Catharine Hodgson. Born about 1793 on the Isle of Man, she was married to Robert Cowley and they had 15 children. The eldest was named Jane Cowley. I found wife and mother records for Catharine, but no records concerning her parents or siblings. Would anyone have any information on her?

    Anne Prince

    My great grandfather John Hodgson and great grandmother Elisabeth Hodgson came from Keswick in Cumberland in England. Their son Thomas Hodgson (born 1857) came to South Africa in May 1889. He passed away in Kimberley, Northern Cape on 9 April 1937. The family bible was given to him by the Salvation Army. He had two children, Esther Margaret and Frederick William Hodgson. They were also born in Keswick.  I have some documentation on Esther and Frederick and would like to know more about Thomas and his parents and grandparents.  Any information would be very much appreciated.

    John Raine

    I was raised in the home of my grandparents Edward (Ted) Hodgson and Mary Hodgson (née Neville) in Watford, Hertfordshire, England. I am attempting to find any genealogical information regarding my grandparents. Both of them originally worked in "gentleman’s service" during their early lives. I lived with them until I married my present wife (Jill) in 1958; we moved to Canada in 1959.

    Carolyn Randle

    In my direct maternal line I believe my great-grandmother Elizabeth Hope (née Harrison) who was born in 1855 at Rockcliffe, Cumberland, and who died at Hetherside, Kirklinton in 1905, was the daughter of John Harrison and Elizabeth Hodgson who were married at St. Cuthbert’s, Carlisle, Cumberland on 6th June 1849. According to the census of 1851, Elizabeth Hodgson was aged 30 and born in Dalston, Cumberland. The 1861 census shows John and Elizabeth at the Highland Laddie Inn, Newby Cross, with children William, Peter, Elizabeth and John aged 16, 8, 6 and 1 respectively. My great-grandmother could have been the granddaughter of Peter Hodgson and Elizabeth Routledge who married at Dalston on 9th March 1807.  Peter Hodgson seems to have been a sawyer by trade, born in Westmorland. Perhaps someone out there can assist me. I cannot identify Elizabeth Routledge at this stage. 

    Corrina Reddinger                

    This is my Hodgson ancestry, starting with my dad: Earl Edgar Hodgson, born Salem, Oregon 14 July 1937. My grandfather: Earl Layton Hodgson, born in Spangle, Spokane, Washington. His father: Charles Robinson Hodgson, born in Peone, Spokane Washington. His father: John Jehu Hodgson. His father: Jonathan Hodgson, born 6 Feb 1800 Guilford, North Carolina, died 4 Jan 1842 Clinton, Ohio. His father: Hur Hodgson, born
    16 May 1767 New Garden Guilford, North Carolina, died 5 Feb 1951 Clinton, Ohio. His father: John Hodgson, born 4 Aug 1731 Chester, Pennsylvania, died Nov 1804 Guilford, North Carolina. His father: George Hodgson, born 6 Jan 1701 Doncaster, Yorkshire England, died 1774 Guilford, North Carolina.

    Jane Reid                             

    My husband's great-great-grandfather was Henry  Hodgson (1816 -1850) a whitesmith in Saffron Walden in Essex in England.  He married May Ann Vale in 1840 and they had two daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth Mary.  Any information about Henry and his family would be much appreciated. 

    Amelia Reimer                     

    See Hodgson1763Reimer.pdf

    Robin Rice                            

    Phyllis Hutson Richerson     

    A close DNA match with a Hodgeson/Hodson causes me to look for a relationship with my Hutson ancestors. Our oldest proven Moses Hutson fought in the American Revolution from North Carolina, but our match traces his line to early 1700s in Sudbury, Suffolk, England.  Perhaps my Hutsons changed the spelling on the ship over!  Any leads appreciated.

    Ian Rigby                              

    I am researching information about former footballers who played for my club – Preston North End. One such man was Thomas Hodgson who played way back in 1899-1900. I believe he was Preston born circa 1878 and possibly died in Preston in 1948. There was a local estate agent in the 1930s named T.Hodgson. Maybe this is the same man. Any information would be gratefully received. Ian Rigby PNE Official Historian.

    Ken Rigby                            

    Isaac Vipond & Elizabeth Hodgen were married 19 Jul 1821 and there is a baptism of  Isaac Vipond was born 27 April 1827, bap 10 June 1827 at Alston, Cumberland, England son of Isaac and Elizabeth (daughter of Richard Hodghon and Ann) of Dorthgill Foot, Cumberland. The following Alston baptisms may connect with the above:

     20 Sep 1783 John son of Richard and Ann HODGSON

    4 Jun 1785 William son of Richard HODGSON

    29 Sep 1787 Elizabeth dau of Richard HODGSON

    6 Jan 1790 Mally dau of Richard HODGSON

    31 Dec 1793 Robert son of Richard HODGSON

    5 Jan 1797 Ann dau of Richard HODGSON

    If any of these names look familiar please let me know.

    Wynne Roberts (née Hodgson)

    My father was John Hodgson (born Anglesey 1930), his father was Owen Lewis Hodgson (born Anglesey 1903), his father was Christopher Dodd Hodgson (born Anglesey 1873), his father was also called Christopher Dodd Hodgson ( born Lancaster 1832) and finally his father was called John Hodgson (born in Ulverston  Cumbria in 1805). He and his wife Ann (born Faversham Kent 1814) moved to Holyhead in the 1830s. If anyone could help me go further back I would be really grateful.

    Edward Ann Robinson           

    I am a medal collector from Perth, Australia. I have a WW1 pair to a soldier called John A. Hodgson which has been in my collection for years.  I know that he served with the 4th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders during that war. He enlisted on the 19 Nov 1915, served in France, was wounded in action, then honourably discharged 19 Nov 1917. If anyone has any further information that they can provide it will go to commemorating Private Hodgson’s service.  I have a photograph of him in uniform, should anyone want a copy.  He would have been born around 1893.

    Beverley Runcie                   

    I am tracing my family which is based around Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire. John Hodson (born 1811) married Ann Croxall (1815-1862) and their 10(?) children were born in Burton-on-Trent. They are Emma, Charles, Edwin, William, John, Ann, Ellen Olive, Charles, Fanny, Thomas Charles. Ellen Olive married Timothy Parker in USA and later migrated to Australia in 1876.

    Peter Saul                            

    I am looking for three Hodgsons. One is Martha Saul, née Hodgson, husband William Saul. In 1841 she was at Goodle Hill Farm, Westmorland, UK. A very near neighbour (on same page on census record) was Joseph Hodgson, farmer at "Holme" (Farm?). Also at the Black Bull pub in Appleby, 5 miles away, was the Publican Frances Hodgson. Were they all related?

    Deborah Scott Lovric           

    I know I’m related to Joseph Hodgson (born1829), the hero of Sunderland who ran the lifeboat Stormy Petrel, via my grandfather Herbert Scott, but I’m not sure how! He died in Poplar and it’s his life in London that I’m interested in. Can anyone enlighten me?

    Sue Siebert                         

    I am looking for any informatio n on William Hodgson, born 1873 in Scotland, and emigrated to America in 1880.  He married Martha (possibly Ferguson).  She was born Feb 1878 in Stevenson, Portage, Wisconsin, USA.  They had a son, William George Hodson, born 25 Sep 1896 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, who married Lucille J. Cabot.  Any info on William from Scotland, parents, siblings, any other children, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

    Virginia Silvester                 

    I am descended from two Hodgson families. Firstly from Ralph of Marwood Park Wall (d 1691), via Hugh of Grafts Farm, Whorlton (d 1717), Ralph of Winston, Hugh of Winston (1705-1788), Hugh of Woolhouse Farm, Barnard Castle (1744-1816), John of Woolhouse (1775-1865), and Margaret (my great-great-grandmother) (see pdf). Secondly from John Hodgson, badger of Barnard Castle, and his son Thomas (bap 1681), also a badger of Barnard Castle; his daughter Alice married Robert Dobson in Sunderland in 1746.

    See Hodgson1650Silvester.pdf

    Ronnie Sly                             

    I am trying to trace my Hodgson line from John Hodgson born about 1821. His parents were John Hodgson and Mary Hunter. John senior was a warehouseman living at Lawrence Lane, Cheapside, London and his mother was Alice née Loy.  John junior may have come to Australia on the Walter Morrice in 1849. He was a whip-maker in Guilford New South Wales in 1872.

    I am also looking to purchase a book titled Bowral John Hodgson the Mayor by Keith W Hodgson, printed about 2000.

    Adele Smith                             

    My earliest Hodgson ancestor is my g.g.g.grandfather Tyson Hodgson born 1804 in Penrith, Cumberland. He married Mary Hodgson (I have not yet established whether she was a cousin, or from another Hodgson line). Their son George was born in 1842 and married Mary Ann Harrison, also of Cumberland in Dec. 1864. Between this time and October 1865 George and Mary immigrated to Christchurch, New Zealand, where the first of 4 children were born. I have not established which boat they arrived on, or exactly when. There are many Hodgson families originating from Cumberland, in Christchurch, but I have not yet found any link between them and my Hodgson line. Any information would be very welcome.

    Angela Helen Smith (née Hodgson)

    My date of birth is 8 August 1969. My father is Arthur Hodgson, who was born in Leeds May 16th 1938 (I believe Hunslet). I have two aunts, Mary Hodgson and Kathleen Hodgson. My Grandfather is James Hodgson.

    Dianne Catherine (Kate) Spalding (née Hodgson)

    I have been trying to find details of my father Charles Duncan Hodgson or (Duncan Charles Hodgson) who died on 8 May 1960 - I was ten years old at the time. I don’t know anything about my father's parents, or if his parents had any sisters or brothers etc. I keep coming up with complete blanks. My mother was Jeanne Hodgson - she died in 1995 and her maiden name was Willis. I am looking for anyone who can give me any further information. Your genuine help would be greatly appreciated.

    Fionnuala Stanley (née Hodgson)

    I am a descendant of  Ralph Hodgson an Iron monger from Durham. His son John Hodgson born circa 1813 was a coach builder. He married Jane Large Davidson (1842) and they had two sons, John and Nevil, both born in Elvet in Durham.

    Gaylord Staveley                   

    Does anyone have a link to Agnes Hodgson (1683-1742) who married George Staveley (1681- after1742) in Dent, Yorkshire on 11 June 1704? They had six children: Agnes 1705, Alice 1707, Mary 1710, George 1713, Anne 1716, John 1720, all baptised at Dent. Agnes's father is believed to be a John Hodgson. Secondly - is there anyone in the Hodgson DNA project who would like to compare their lab results with mine from the Staveley DNA project?

    Sally Steel                            

    Edward Hodgson, of Gilcrux Parish in Cumberland UK, and Frances Keswick, of Plumbland Parish in Cumberland UK, were married in January 1813 with Banns and consent of parents. I wonder if Edward was the Edward Coulton Hodgson baptised there in 1794? He was a farmer’s labourer when transported to Tasmania in 1827 under the name Edward Wilson Hodgson. His wife and five children joined him in 1830. They moved to Melbourne after he received his full pardon in 1841. I am a descendant of his eldest son William who became a politician in Tasmania. Two of his sisters married Lincoln and Thurlow.

    Eric Stephens                         

    Joseph Hodgson, (my ancestor), seems to be the first Hodgson to be authenticated in New Zealand by reason of his marriage to Mary Prouse at the Waimate Mission, Bay of Islands, New Zealand, on 5 November 1840. Family tradition has it that Joseph was the third son of a Hodgson family that owned ships that traded stores out to the penal colonies in Australia. Joseph is thought to have served a veterinary apprenticeship in Lancashire, and travelled as an “adventure” on one of the family ships to Sydney. A side trip was made to New Zealand, to visit the Williams family at the Mission station. More information would be gratefully received.

    Lorraine Sterry                     

    I am researching the family of Christopher Pemberton Hodgson, born Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, England, in 1821. He was the son of Edward Hodgson, vicar of Rickmansworth and his wife, Charlotte Pemberton. Christopher Pemberton Hodgson was the first British Consul in Hakodate, Japan, from 1859-1860 [see G. M. Hodgson Hodgson Saga, p. 54]. Although there is quite a lot of information about him, I have been unable to find out anything much about his wife, not even her name. The British 1861 Census notes that she was born in France, but her name is simply listed as Mrs. Panberton (sic) Hodgson, Wife. I would appreciate any details about her or their daughter, Eva.

    Dorothy Stumer                   

    I am researching James Charles Hodgson born 1855 in Manchester, England, married 13 Apr 1881, died 12 Dec.1926 in New Zealand.  I think his father was John A Hodgson and his mother Janice Dodson. They were merchants. James attended the Quaker College in Pontefract. He went to Australia as a sailor on the Thunderbolt from 26 Mar 1878 to 17 Aug 1878. He settled in Berwick, Victoria, married Kate Fraser 13 Apr 1881, and then moved to Wellington, New Zealand. I am his great grandchild. I have more information about his descendants. I would appreciate any information on his siblings and parents. Anyone is welcome to a copy of the family tree that I have been working on. Many thanks. 

    Cal Sutliff                             

    My great grandfather was Herbert Edwin Hodgson, born in Manchester,England, he came to North America via Halifax, Canada, and settled in Knoxsville, Tennessee, during the US Civil War. He subsequently moved to Norfolk, Virginia, where he died.  Does anyone have any connection between Herbert and his English ancestors? His son, Frank Bridges Hodgson, was my Grandfather.

    Anita Swalwell                     

    My great-great-great-grandfather John Hodgson Robson was a shipbuilder born in 1789 in Hylton Ferry, Durham, UK. His parents were Thomas Robson, shipwright, born 1756 and Elizabeth Stafford née Hodgson born 1753 in Hylton, Durham. Elizabeth’s parents were Thomas Hodgson, a keelman of Sunderland c.1718-1806 who married Jane Baty, born 1720 in Newcastle upon Tyne.

    Derrell Oakley Teat              

    I am researching Hodgens & Hudgens, including their DNA:

    Robert Telford                      

    My great-great-great grandfather, William Telford, was christened in Scaleby, Cumberland, in 1777. He was the son of George Telford and Mary Hodgson who were married by license in Bewcastle. Mary is believed to be the daughter of John Hodgson esq. and Ann his wife of Barclose in Scaleby. George and Mary's first son John was christened at Bewcastle. John Hodgson died at Scaleby in 1777 at age 65 - four months after William's christening. I believe George and Mary lived at Barclose at this time helping with the farm.

    Tracey Tiplady                     
    My great-great-great-grandparents were Edmund Tiplady (died 10 December 1900) and Margaret Tiplady, née Hodgson (died January 1909). Their children were Jane and John. In addition to making contact with any relatives I would love copies of old photos of the above or any other relatives.

    Heidi Thomas                      

    See Hodgson1863Chester

    Ana Unum                            

    Elizabeth Vanderleelie (née Ridley)

    My great-grandmother was Lucy Hodgson (born 1849) from Chelsea, Middlesex, England. Her father was George Hodgson (born1799) from Carlton Miniott, Yorkshire, and her mother was Lucy Mason (born 1811) from Cornwood, Devon. Lucy Hodgson emigrated to Lucknow, India in the 1870s and married Matthew Ridley who was Superintendent of Government Parks and Gardens. They lived at Wingfield Park and had eight children. Lucy returned to Devon, England around 1900 and died in 1935. I would like to contact any of the descendants of the Hodgson/Ridley family and would appreciate learning more about Lucy's life in British India.

    Lisa Voelker                       

    I’m searching for more information on my ancestors: John and Elizabeth Hodgson. I know that John was born in England. He married Elizabeth Kendal who was born in England 1812/13. John died in August 1876 in Blackstone, Mass, USA. Elizabeth died on 24 Jan 1890, Blackstone. Elizabeth and John had: 1. Mary Ann  2. Henry born 1830 3. Esther  4. Adam  5. Hiram  6. Martha born 27 Aug 1840 7. Eve  8. Naomi  born 4 Feb 14, 1844  9. Frederick  10. Elizabeth Mary  11. Aquilla  12. Manassa.  Martha (6) married Isaac Hoyle on 25 Jan 1863; she died on 25 June 1905 in Blackstone, Mass.

    Marge Waight                     

    My Hodgson line is from the Isle of Man in particular Thomas Hodgson who married Catherine Skillicorn.  They had a son Robert born about 1829/30.  Robert migrated to Australia from Liverpool in 1856 and married Charity Matthews in Victoria.

    Patti Waldron                      

    I am descended from George Hodgson (born1701, who came to America from England) and Mary Thatcher. Their son John Hodgson (born 1731) married Mary Mills. John and Mary had a son Hur Hodgson (born 1767) who married Elizabeth Stansbraugh, I descend from their son Isaac (born 1792) who married Hannah Leonard. Hannah was the daughter of Ezekiel Leonard and Rebecca Hodgson. Rebecca was the daughter of Thomas Hodgson (born 1756) and Patience Dillion. Thomas was Hur's older brother, also son of John and Mary Mills Hodgson. All were Quakers to my knowledge and were on the Quaker migration from Pennsylvania to North Carolina, and then on to Ohio and Indiana. The book Ancestral Record of the Dillon, Hodgson, Fisher, and Leonard Families by Isaiah Dillon has a complete genealogy of my lineage. I'd love to hear from anyone with the same lineage.

    Gelda Walsh (born Josephine Roberta Hodgson)

    I am looking for any information on my birth father Robert Hodgson from Sydney, Austrailia and his lineage origins. If there is anyone who can shed some light on my blood ancestry I would be very grateful.

    C. Howard Wearing            

    My third great-grandmother was Mary Hodgson (1788-1875) of Hawkshead, Cumbria, UK, who I believe to be the daughter of Mary Hodgson (b 1755). I am keen to seek confirmation of this and discover more of her forebears.

    Earl Webber                        

    Fred Lucas Hodgson was born in the UK(?) and died 30 Dec 1947. He divorced my grandmother Helen Marks Mayo and remarried a lady in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. He had one brother Harold and 2 sisters Kate and Lena. His son was Fred L. Hodgson (born 18 Oct 1918) and daughter Margaret Charlene Hodgson (born 7 Aug 1917). Margaret Charlene Hodgson and her father were from the West Tennessee area. Fred L Hodson by his marriage to Billie in Australia had Michael, Sandy, plus one additional child in about the 1940s. I would love to contact them.

    Richard Westall                   

    I am descended from Richard Hodgson and Elizabeth (née Haygarth) and their daughter Margaret Hodgson of Pegglewright. Margaret was baptised 10 Dec 1708, married 3 Oct 1732 in Dent in Yorkshire (now in Cumbria), and buried 29 May 1745. She married Thomas Sedgwick of Gibbs Hall, born in Dent 27 Aug 1705, and died 18 Oct 1782 in Dent. Their son Richard was born 2 Mar 1736 and baptised on 3 Apr 1736 in Dent. He obtained a BA degree in 1760 and was vicar of Dent from 1768 to 1800 and his portrait (by William Westall) when old and blind is reproduced in the first volume of Life and Letters of Sedgwick (Cambridge University Press, 1890) edited by John Willis Clark and Thomas McKenny Hughes. The same book carries a reproduction of an 1832 portrait of his son Adam Sedgwick by Thomas Phillips. Adam Sedgwick was born 22 Mar 1785 and became a famous geologist at the University of Cambridge. He died on 27 January 1873 in Cambridge. His sister Ann Sedgwick (born 1789) married William Westall ARA on 22 Sep 1820. There is more information on William in my entry for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

    Jay Whetter                        

    My great-great-grandfather John Matthew Hodgson was born in Sunbury, Ontario on July 5, 1843 to John R. Hodgson and Matilda (Makin) Hodgson. He was a Quaker and was married at the monthly meeting of Friends in 1869. He and his wife and family, including my great grandmother Annie, moved to Portage la Prairie, Manitoba in 1889, and then four years later to a homestead south of Hartney, Manitoba. I'm curious if anyone can tell me if they know of any other Hodgsons with a history of Quakerism.

    Sarah Jane White              

    My grandmother Ivy Wilcock had a very dear friend who lived for her for over 25 years by the name of Frank Hodgson.  He died in late 1960s. I did not know him at all, but have many photos of him.  I believe Frank and his brother Edward were both at some time in their lives connected with the theatre, as I have photos (probably about 1920s or older) of them both on stage. I’m not sure where they were born (probably Yorkshire, but I cannot be sure). Frank was in his 80s when he died whilst under the care of my grandmother. I wonder if anyone remembers them or if anyone is related.  Frank did not have any children of his own and I am not sure if Edward had any either. It would be great if anyone could give me more details.

    Kathleen Wickens              

    I am descended from William Hodson Wigmore who was a "Goldsmith and Jeweller" in the Clerkenwell area in Middlesex. His parents were James Wigmore and Ann Hodgson. She was born on 27 April 1762 at Saint James, Westminster, London, England and Christened on 7 May 1762 at Saint James. She married James Wigmore on 22 March 1781 at St George, Hanover Square, Westminster (Boyds Marriage Index). Ann's parents are Richard Hodgson and Anne, I can't find a marriage of this pair, but all the children I have found were born in Saint James. I would like to know where Richard and Ann come from, where were they born and where were they married. They may have come from Yorkshire but I'm not sure. Can anybody help me please?

    Gloria Wilkinson             

    Mary Hodgson was born about 1791. She married Henry Barraclough 19 June 1811 in Bradford Parish Church, and the family was from Eccleshill. There children were: John, baptized 14 May 1815; William; Elizabeth; Henry.  Henry's family seem mostly involved with the wool or cloth industries.

    Chris Wilson                   

    I'm trying to identify the mother of Rebecca Maxson Mosher, who married Richard Maxson (Megson) in England in about 1627, emigrated to America in 1634 with Anne Marbury Hutchinson & family. Best clue is Anne Hodgson m. Richard Megson 1627 at Covenham, St. Mary, Lincolnshire. May have been born about 1602 at Hogsthorpe. Searching for any connection between Anne Hodgson and Marbury/Hutchinson families at Alford. Many genealogies have suggested Richard Megson's wife was sister (or relative) of Anne Marbury Hutchinson/Catherine Marbury Scott but no evidence has been found. Richard Megson/Maxson & family closely followed Anne Hutchinson in America and Richard was killed when Anne & members of her family were at Aquidneck, RI.

    Kay Wilson                      

    My great-great-grandfather, Vincent Hodgson, born 1807 in Bishopwearmouth, Durham, married Elizabeth Havelock born 1817 in Guisborough.  Their daughter, Hannah, born 1849, is my great-grandmother.  I have been trying to find more about the other children: Havelock (1836), Jane (1838) and Mary (1841), all born in South Hylton.  I know Havelock married Agnes Stewart in 1860.  Can anyone help me?

    Sadie Wilson                  

    I am the granddaughter of Charles Hodgson, born Walsall, Staffs, UK in 1883. His Father was also Charles born 1843 in Walsall. His father was Reuben Hodgson and on census of 1841 he was living in Walsall but born 1809 in Salford. His was a cabinetmaker. Can anyone help with further information?

    Brian Windscheffel

    I am searching for a John Hodgson, born 24 April 1915 according to his entry in the 1939 electoral register. I can find no other entry matching his DOB in any of the numerous internet search options available. Almost certainly he would have been born in Cumbria/Lancashire/Northumberland. He is listed in the 1939 register as being in the Green Household at Queens Hill, Ascot, Berkshire. At that time he would have been 24 and he would have been liable for conscription. However no electoral registers were compiled during 1940-1945. Is there another Hodgson out there that can help me find out what became of him? 

    Bill Wolfendale               

    My great-great-great-grandmother was Jane Hodgson, born about 1816 in Preston, Lancashire. She married Wolfenden and then Thomas Walker. Her father was Richard Hodgson. Her birth mother is unknown and died before 1826. It is likely that Richard’s second wife was Martha Hey.

    Susan Wren née Hodgson

    I have been tryimg to find my Father’s records but feel that he may have been adopted as there is no record of his birth in the name I know. The man listed on his marriage certificate to my Mother is a Frank Hodgson who I believe had a daughter Margaret who died as a child and they lived in Hull.  If anyone could help me find details of Frank then maybe I can find some details of my Father.  Thank you.

    Audrey Wright (née Hodgson)

    I was born 11th May 1946 in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. My birth father was Thomas Hodgson (although I was registered as Thompson – the name of my mother’s husband and the person who brought me up). The details of my birth father are sketchy. I think he was born around 1910 and may have died in the late 1980s. For some of his adult life he lived in Gateshead, near Newcastle upon Tyne. He had a sister who lived close by.  In 1945/6 he was married with possibly five or six children – the eldest may have been called Elizabeth. I have been searching for years for him and my half siblings but to no avail.