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The future of the Surname Hodgson Association and Resources Enterprise (SHARE)

Comments on the Results of the May 2006 Questionnaire:

I have just had a chance to read properly your report.  You have done a marvellous job with collating all this and I agree with your conclusions. 

Marge Waight

14 June 2006

There will always be a problem in how to keep a ONE NAME organization going on in the future as some people retire or are not as interested.

Mike Howlett

11 June 2006

Thank you for your work on the questionnaire and the well presented analysis of the (sadly limited) responses. It makes interesting reading. I have recently taken over as administrator of the RootsWeb HODGSON list (subscription details below). It is nearly moribund, but I am waiting a few weeks till my life is a bit quieter before I try to kick start it into life. If it could be used as a support and an adjunct to research for whatever falls out of your survey, I would be delighted to assist. Maybe with an open membership and broader focus it might have wider appeal?
(To join the RootsWeb list put subscribe as the subject and send an email to (for single emails) or to (for a digest of emails).)
Chris Rodgers
11 June 2006

Having read the report, two other thoughts occur to me.

First, I am surprised that some people found the costs involved in joining SHARE to be high; as a member of quite a number of family history and related societies, I found the charges quite reasonable.

Secondly, although I am only in my early fifties, an increasingly important motivation for me is not so much how I can gain from contacts information that helps me in my research (this has rarely happened), but more how I can ensure that the results of forty years’ work can be accessible to others in the future (I have no children, neither does my brother, and my cousins have only limited interest in family history).

Virginia Silvester

10 June 2006