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Hodgson Surname Distribution in 1881 and 1998

The maps below show the show the distribution of the Hodgson surname according to the website. Darker shades of red show higher levels of surname concentration. The 1881 map clearly shows a greater density of Hodgsons in Cumbria, west of the Pennines. By 1998 the surname had further diffused to other areas of Britain.



Hodgson Surname Distribution 1881


Hodgson Surname Distribution 1998


All the comprehensive evidence available shows that the Hodgson surname was historically of a greater density among the population to the west of the Pennines, in the North of England. This evidence is inconsistent with notions that the Hodgson Surname is of Anglo-Saxon or Norman origin. Instead it suggests that the Hodgson surname originated in Cumbria, an area of Irish-Norse settlement in the tenth century.


W. Parson and W. White (1829) published a list of surnames among the gentry and tradespeople in Cumberland, Westmorland and Furness. Notably, Hodgson was the seventh most common at 1.2 per cent. Atkinson and Armstrong were the fourth and fourteenth most common, respectively. Click HERE for an analysis of the Parson and White data, including on other Cumbrian surnames.


Click HERE for a link to a site with information on the overall number of Hodgsons in UK censuses from 1841 to 1891, and for data on the most popular Hodgson first names.




Parson, W. and White, W. (1829) History, Directory and Gazetteer of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland etc. (Leeds: White).